How to Set Up Waves SuperRack Performer with the Behringer X32

Today, I’ll guide you through setting up the Waves Super Rack Performer app, enabling you to leverage Waves Plugins in live settings. This method is applicable to various mixing consoles, like the X32, and does not require extra server hardware.

Use Cases and Setup

We’ll explore two practical scenarios. First, the implementation of Waves Tune Real Time on a vocal mic channel, followed by the addition of analog emulation plugins on the master mix bus. This setup is versatile and can adapt to both digital and analog mixing consoles.

Connecting Your Console to the Laptop

Begin by connecting your MacBook Pro to the mixing console using a USBA to USB type B cable. Upon connecting, open the Waves Super Rack Performer app on your computer, navigate to ‘setup’, then ‘audio device’, and select your Behringer device. Ensure the sample rate matches your console and adjust the buffer size accordingly.

Audio Routing Between X32 and SuperRack Performer

To configure audio routing, start by sending auxiliary outputs from the X32 out through the USB audio outputs. On the X32’s routing page, select ‘user outputs’ and patch the auxiliaries to the desired outputs. Next, in the ‘card outputs’ section, route these auxiliaries to the Super Rack.

Configuring Super Rack Application

In Super Rack, confirm your device selection, and label the racks for clarity, such as ‘vocal mic’ and ‘master bus’. Assign inputs and outputs for each rack, ensuring they correspond to the auxiliaries on the X32.

Finalizing the X32 Setup Back on the X32, navigate to ‘inputs’ and select ‘auxiliary inputs’, corresponding to the card outputs. This routes the processed audio from Waves Super Rack back into the console. Enable inserts on individual channels or the mix bus as needed, considering the effects on in-ear monitoring for musicians.

Applying Plugins in Super Rack

Now for the creative part: applying plugins. In the vocal rack, add the Waves Tune Real Time plugin, adjusting settings like tuning speed. For the master mix bus, consider adding an analog EQ and the Magma BB Tubes plugin, enhancing the mix’s quality.

Saving Settings and Utilizing Snapshots

Remember to save your settings on both the X32 and Super Rack. Super Rack’s ‘snapshot’ feature is invaluable for changing plugin settings between songs, like altering vocal tuning keys.

Final Thoughts

Integrating Waves Super Rack with your digital mixing console unlocks a new realm of sound possibilities. The key lies in mastering audio routing to fully exploit Waves’ low-latency plugins. For more insights, visit

Thank you for joining me in this tutorial. Stay tuned for more tips on enhancing your live sound experience!


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