Traditional Church Lighting Overhaul (Rock Harbor Church Case Study feat. Pro Church Lights)

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Welcome to another transformative journey in church lighting design. Recently, we embarked on an ambitious project at Rock Harbor Church to overhaul their outdated lighting system. Partnering with Craig Dereka from Pro Church Lights, we introduced cutting-edge lighting fixtures and user-friendly control software. This collaboration not only enhanced the aesthetic appeal of the church but also significantly improved the worship experience.

Choosing the Right Fixtures: Pro Wash Max and Pro Kick

Our primary choice for front wash lighting was the Pro Wash Max, a 200-watt LED fixture boasting a remarkable 97 CRI. This high Color Rendering Index ensures that colors are reproduced in their most natural state, crucial for achieving excellent video quality. The versatility of the Pro Wash Max, with its adjustable beam angle, allowed us to achieve optimal coverage with fewer fixtures, thus maximizing the budget.

For backlighting, we opted for the Pro Kick, a 200-watt RGBW color mixing light. Its wide wash and ability to highlight individuals on stage made it an ideal choice for both in-person and video-centric lighting needs. The built-in barn doors of both fixtures provided us with the necessary control to direct light precisely where needed, avoiding unwanted spill onto walls or the audience.

Simplifying Control with LightKey

To empower the volunteers at Rock Harbor Church, we implemented LightKey as the control software. Known for its simplicity and power, LightKey allows for easy programming and operation, making it an excellent fit for churches with volunteer-driven tech teams. We also introduced the Pro Church Lights wall panel system, enabling anyone to activate pre-programmed lighting scenes with just a touch, ideal for various church events and gatherings.

Strategic Placement for Optimal Impact

Our placement strategy involved a careful consideration of the church’s unique architecture and worship style. By positioning the Pro Wash Max fixtures to cover both the pulpit area and the midsection of the stage, we achieved smooth and even coverage. The Pro Kick fixtures were strategically placed to provide backlighting that accentuates individuals on the platform, ensuring they stand out in both live and recorded video.

Enhancing the Atmosphere with Pro Bar Fixtures

To add depth and color to the stage, we incorporated Pro Bar fixtures, which are capable of washing wide areas with vibrant colors. These fixtures were used to illuminate the stone wall behind the stage, adding a dynamic and atmospheric element to the worship environment.

The Power of Preparation and Expertise

The success of this project lies in the meticulous planning and expertise brought by the Churchfront and Pro Church Lights teams. From pre-visit consultations to on-site implementation, we ensured every aspect of the upgrade was tailored to Rock Harbor’s specific needs and goals.

Experience the Transformation

To witness the transformative power of these lighting upgrades, we encourage you to view the before and after footage. The difference is stark, showcasing how proper lighting can elevate the visual experience, both in-person and online.

Partner with Churchfront and Pro Church Lights

If you’re inspired by Rock Harbor Church’s lighting transformation and are considering similar upgrades, Churchfront and Pro Church Lights are here to guide you. From mockup services to expert consultations, we’re dedicated to helping you achieve your vision for worship lighting. Visit our websites to learn more and start your journey toward a tech-savvy worship space.

This project at Rock Harbor Church is a testament to the impact of innovative lighting and expert guidance. By embracing these upgrades, the church has taken a significant leap forward in enhancing its worship environment and engaging its congregation.


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