Incredible Follow-Camera Setup (Blackmagic Studio 6k and Canon 70-200 Cine-Servo Lens)

As a part of the Churchfront Accelerator Program, I recently had the opportunity to visit Living Word Church in Jonesborough, Arkansas. The church has undergone significant technical upgrades, and I was excited to witness and contribute to these changes firsthand.

The Initial Impressions

Upon arrival, it was immediately evident that the church had invested considerable effort before our team’s involvement. They partnered with Pro Church Lights for lighting needs, which dramatically enhanced the ambiance of their worship space. The addition of acoustic paneling was another significant upgrade, improving the room’s sound quality.

Drum and Sound Enhancements

The church’s commitment to excellent sound was further demonstrated by their updates to the drum kit. They tuned the drum heads for better tonality and incorporated Heartbeat cymbals, which produced a lower volume wash, perfectly blending in the mix. A major leap in their audio setup was the transition from HDMI to SDI cabling, ensuring a more reliable and high-quality video feed throughout the building.

Audio Console and Stage Connect

A critical decision was choosing the right audio console. After much deliberation, we settled on the ‘Wing’ console for its versatile features, including vocal tuning and extensive input/output options. An exciting addition was the ‘Stage Connect’, a new product allowing for a clean setup with numerous inputs, significantly reducing cable clutter.

Video and Camera Upgrades

As a video enthusiast, I was particularly thrilled about the video enhancements. We implemented a Black Magic Studio 6K camera setup, paired with a Cannon 70-200 syn servo lens, creating a mid-level broadcast follow cam setup. The Manfrotto MVH 502A tripod with a 546B mid spreader provided the necessary stability and fluidity for the camera operations.

The Importance of Proper Equipment

I can’t stress enough the importance of choosing the right equipment. The camera and tripod combo, along with the additional pan arm for zoom and focus demands, made a significant difference in the quality of our video production.

Integrating the Blackmagic Design Studio 6K Pro

The Black Magic Design Studio 6K Pro camera was a game-changer for Living Word Church. Its built-in features, such as the large LCD monitor, customizable function buttons, and integrated SDI out, made it an ideal choice for a follow cam setup.

The Lens: Canon’s 70-200 Cine-Servo Lens

The Canon 70-200 cine-servo lens, with its professional optics, proved to be a perfect match for the Black Magic camera. It delivered exceptional image quality, as evident from the test footage we captured during our visit.

The Total Package

The entire setup, including the camera, lens, tripod, and additional equipment, cost around $10,000. While this is a significant investment, the value and quality it brings to the church’s media production are unparalleled.

The Video Booth Setup

Back in the video booth, the setup was straightforward yet effective. We used a Mac Mini to run the ATEM control software, integrated with a BoxCaster Pro encoder for live streaming. The ATEM Constellation 2 M/E switcher was key for managing both the live stream and in-room displays.

The Lighting System

The church also upgraded their lighting system with Pro Church Lights. They installed front lights, pixel sticks, and kick lights, all of which were managed using the LightKey software. This not only enhanced the visual experience but also involved the church’s volunteers in the installation process.


My visit to Living Word Church was not just about implementing technical upgrades; it was about empowering a community through technology. The church’s dedication to enhancing their worship experience through these advancements was inspiring. For those interested in similar transformations, the Churchfront Accelerator Program is an excellent starting point.

A special thanks to Adam Beranek and the team at Living Word Church for their incredible work and hospitality. Your passion for excellence in worship and community engagement is truly commendable.

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