The SIMPLE Church Live Stream Audio Solution | Kade Young at Churchfront Conference Simplifying Church Sound: Insights from Kade Young In the ever-evolving landscape of church sound and technology, maintaining consistency and training volunteers remain significant challenges. I’m Kade Young, and I’ve spent over a decade addressing these issues to help churches improve their sound systems. Today, I’m excited to share my perspective on how to simplify […]

Resi Mini Encoder Unboxing and Demo Click here to learn more and purchase the Resi Mini Encoder As technology continues to evolve, the importance of reliable and high-quality live streaming has never been more apparent, especially for churches looking to reach a broader audience. In my latest video, I had the pleasure of unboxing and setting up the new Resi […]

How to Memorize Your Music and Lyrics for Worship Practical Reasons for Memorizing Music Modern worship songs are designed to be simple and accessible, even for volunteers. Many songs, like “Waymaker” and “Great Are You Lord,” have repetitive chord progressions that are easy to learn. For example, “Waymaker” uses the same pattern throughout the entire song. By memorizing these chords, we can adapt […]

Building a UNIFIED Worship Team with David Pfaltzgraph at Churchfront Conference Enhancing Worship Team Communication Effective communication within a worship team is crucial for creating a cohesive and powerful worship experience. As the founder of Sunday Sounds and creator of Sunday Keys, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how we can better communicate and work together. Here are some insights on overcoming communication […]

My Insane Church AVL Rack Build Inside Rock Harbor Church’s Advanced AVL System: Innovating with a Compact Rack Build Welcome back to Churchfront! Today, I’m excited to share a behind-the-scenes look at our latest technological transformation at Rock Harbor Church. We’ve embarked on an ambitious project to overhaul an older building, enhancing it with cutting-edge audio, video, and lighting (AVL) […]

Time to Upgrade Your Church Livestream to 4k? | The Churchfront Show In this episode, we’re diving into some thrilling developments in worship and production technology that are sure to excite any church tech enthusiast. Blackmagic’s New Video Switchers First up, let’s talk about Blackmagic’s new video switchers. We’re particularly excited about these because of their robust features that are ideal for church environments. Whether you’re […]

The Ultra-Portable and Wireless Live Streaming System for Churches | Mevo Core Introduction Today, I’m excited to demonstrate a groundbreaking portable and wireless multi-camera recording and streaming setup, perfect for churches, content creators, and live event coordinators. This setup uses the latest in camera technology provided by Logitech, including the new Mevo core cameras. Unboxing the System The heart of this system is the Mevo Core […]

Navigating Leadership Challenges, Accountability, and Boundaries with Sara Emmerson I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Sara Emmerson on the Churchfront Worship and Tech podcast. Known for her impactful coaching style, Sara helps people navigate their thoughts and emotions to flourish in life and ministry. As a creative producer and former worship leader with an impressive résumé spanning multiple churches and […]

Church Acoustic Treatment OVERHAUL (DIY Install with Primacoustic Panels) When the team at Heatherwood Baptist Church in Newnan, Georgia, invited us from Churchfront to help transform their worship experience, we knew that improving their acoustic treatment was key. The church had upgraded to high-powered speakers and amplifiers, but persistent reverberation and feedback issues plagued the sanctuary, leaving the worship leader and pastor struggling […]

Worship Jesus, Not Technology with Jeff Gayle and David Norris Embracing Liturgy to Stay Gospel-Centered in Worship Hello, I’m David Norris, a worship pastor and priest at Wellspring. Today, I want to share how our church uses liturgy to remain centered on the gospel, keeping our worship focused on Christ and not letting technology overshadow our spiritual purpose. The Role of Liturgy in Worship […]