Upgrading OUTDATED Church Video Gear – ATEM Constellation for Churches

https://youtu.be/yEJ4jaT4uro Hey there, folks! Luke Jackson here, and today I’m excited to share the incredible transformation that took place at the Highland Church of Christ in Abilene, Texas. We had the pleasure of working with Michael Stanford, one of our accelerator students, on upgrading their broadcast room, or as they fondly call it, the “tape […]

Worship Tech Tour – Life Fellowship Church

https://youtu.be/7Svq-8iL158 Introduction: Cody Patterson, the tech director at Life Fellowship Church in Dallas, Texas, begins the tour by explaining the rationale behind their significant investment in studio and production technology. Despite their auditorium seating only 600, their online streams attract over 150,000 viewers weekly, many from unique audiences like inmates and residents of elderly facilities. […]

Control an X32 with a Touch Screen (Churchfront Accelerator Case Study)

Hey there, this is Adam, and I’m excited to be back at Parkwood Baptist Church in Virginia. Over the past few days, we’ve been hard at work revamping the Fellowship Hall, a multifunctional space that hosts various ministries, Sunday services, worship events, and more. Join me as I take you on a journey through our […]

Incredible Follow-Camera Setup (Blackmagic Studio 6k and Canon 70-200 Cine-Servo Lens)

As a part of the Churchfront Accelerator Program, I recently had the opportunity to visit Living Word Church in Jonesborough, Arkansas. The church has undergone significant technical upgrades, and I was excited to witness and contribute to these changes firsthand. The Initial Impressions Upon arrival, it was immediately evident that the church had invested considerable […]