How to Repurpose Your Church Live Stream for Social Media (DaVinci Resolve Tutorial) As a coach at Churchfront, my aim is to empower churches to embrace modern technology to spread the gospel more effectively. Today, I want to focus on a critical aspect of church media strategy: utilizing your live-streamed church services to enhance your social media presence. Many churches live stream their services but often overlook […]

Worship Tech Booth Treatment and Video System Overhaul | Churchfront Accelerator Case Study Transforming Worship Spaces: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Heatherwood Baptist Church At Heatherwood Baptist Church in Newnan, Georgia, we recently embarked on a transformative journey to enhance our worship space, focusing on acoustics, organization, and tech integration. The project aimed to address sound clarity issues, streamline the tech booth, and upgrade our audiovisual capabilities to […]

Small Church Tech Setup | Churchfront Accelerator Case Study As part of Churchfront’s Accelerator program, we recently had the privilege of visiting Yakult Community Church in Yakult, Washington. Over three days, we dove deep into assessing and enhancing their tech setup, focusing on simplifying operations for volunteers and optimizing the worship experience. Here’s a breakdown of the improvements and insights gained from this […]

The Ultimate Video and Audio Over IP Setup for Churches | Worship Tech Tour at Experience Church Hey everyone, Dariel Cummins here, coming to you from the heart of Puyallup, Washington, where I have the privilege of serving as the Production Director at Experience Church. I’m thrilled to take you behind the scenes of our church’s cutting-edge production setup, sharing insights into the innovative solutions we’ve implemented to enhance our worship […]

Traditional Worship Tech Makeover (Churchfront Accelerator Case Study) Hey it’s Adam Beranek, coach and project lead at Churchfront. I had the pleasure of visiting First Presbyterian Church on Hilton Head Island, where I worked closely with Jane, the church’s dedicated tech leader. This project was unique in its focus on video production enhancements across two distinct worship spaces within the same facility: […]

Upgrading OUTDATED Church Video Gear – ATEM Constellation for Churches Hey there, folks! Luke Jackson here, and today I’m excited to share the incredible transformation that took place at the Highland Church of Christ in Abilene, Texas. We had the pleasure of working with Michael Stanford, one of our accelerator students, on upgrading their broadcast room, or as they fondly call it, the “tape […]

Worship Tech Tour – Life Fellowship Church Introduction: Cody Patterson, the tech director at Life Fellowship Church in Dallas, Texas, begins the tour by explaining the rationale behind their significant investment in studio and production technology. Despite their auditorium seating only 600, their online streams attract over 150,000 viewers weekly, many from unique audiences like inmates and residents of elderly facilities. […]