Embracing Original Worship Music: Why Your Church Should Write Its Own Songs

I’m Bryan Boliver, worship leader at Rock Harbor Church with over a decade of experience in worship leadership. I’m passionate about original worship music and believe God is calling congregations to craft their own songs. Today, I’ll explore why we should embrace this creative endeavor within our churches.

The Need for Unique Church Music

Firstly, no one understands the needs and the unique voice of your church like you do. While professional songwriters create impactful universal themes, your firsthand knowledge of your congregation allows for a tailored worship experience that deeply resonates.

Independence from Mainstream Worship Music

Relying solely on popular worship music limits our ability to introduce new themes and expressions in our services. By creating our own songs, we’re not bound to wait for new releases to enrich our worship repertoire. Additionally, the mainstream lacks uptempo worship songs—a gap we can fill by producing our own.

Strengthening Community Through Co-Writing

Co-writing is a fantastic way to forge deeper relationships within your worship and tech teams. This collaborative process not only enhances team bonding but also enriches the spiritual life of the community by sharing a collective voice.

Continual Worship Experience

Recording and sharing our own worship songs allows the congregation to engage with the music beyond Sunday services. Through platforms like Spotify or church websites, our music can minister to individuals throughout the week, continually nurturing their faith.

Simplified Recording Processes

Thanks to modern technology, recording worship music has never been easier. Many churches already possess the necessary equipment to start multi-track recording, making it an accessible endeavor for congregations of any size.

Spiritual Implications of Original Worship Music

Biblical Inspiration

Scripturally, we’re encouraged to “sing a new song unto the Lord” (Psalms 96:1). This directive not only invites us to create new musical expressions but also to document and share these creations, amplifying their spiritual impact.

Personal Divine Encounters

Many song ideas stem from personal worship and devotional times. These divine encounters can inspire themes that resonate across your church community, potentially aligning with what God is communicating to others as well.

Discovering and Nurturing Talents

Leading songwriting initiatives can uncover and develop hidden talents within your congregation. This nurturing environment allows individuals to explore and refine their musical gifts in service to the church.

Music as a Ministry Tool

Music powerfully communicates God’s love and can draw people to the church. Original songs crafted within your community can address specific spiritual needs and themes, making them more relevant and impactful to your congregation.

Faith Expression and Community Impact

Writing worship music is an act of faith, growing both the individual and the church. Each song is a step in trusting God to use our creative offerings to bless others and deepen communal worship.


Creating original worship music isn’t just about adding to our setlist; it’s about fostering a richer, more connected worship experience. I encourage every worship leader and team member to consider the impact that original music could have in their church. If you’re intrigued and want to explore more about enhancing your church’s worship experience, visit churchfront.com for resources and guidance on starting your songwriting journey. Join us as we tune into the unique rhythm and message that God has placed on our church’s heart.

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