How to Configure the EFNote Pro E-Drum Kit for Worship

Optimizing the EFNote Pro 703 for Modern Worship: A Drummer’s Guide

Hello, this is Erik Johnson with Churchfront. Today, I’m excited to share how I configure the EFNote Pro 703 drum kit for a modern worship sound. Let’s dive into the details of the kit and how you can get the best sound for your worship setting.

High Hat Configuration

One of the standout features of the EFNote Pro 703 is its high hat calibration. It adjusts to your playing style using optical sensors, ensuring the high hat sounds just right whether you’re opening or closing it. I’ve opted for a darker tone with the ZD Dark H 14. I’ve cranked the tuning up for a snappy response and added just a touch of muffling to prevent it from being too clangy.

Snare Tuning

At Rock Harbor, we prefer sending a dry signal to the front of house, keeping our adjustments minimal to allow for in-room tweaking. For the snare, I’ve chosen the LWPO Brass 30 for its robust tone right out of the box. I’ve tuned it slightly above standard to balance tone while keeping muffling moderate, ensuring it’s lively but not overpowering.

Tom Setup

For the toms, it’s crucial to manage their resonance. You don’t want a tom resonating for too long as it can muddy your mix. I’ve tuned the OC Maple T 12 by 10 to a lower pitch for a beefier sound, applying a bit of muffling to cut off the sound cleanly without completely killing its vibrance. The progression from high to mid to low tom should feel natural, and I’ve adjusted each tom’s tuning to ensure a smooth transition across the set.

Cymbal Choices

For cymbals, I’ve stuck with darker tones, particularly for the crashes. The ZD Dark C 17 for the 16-inch crash and a slightly lower tuned ZD Dark C 18 for the 18-inch add depth to the kit’s overall sound. The ride cymbal, a Dry PL Dry R 20, didn’t need any adjustments—it sounded perfect as is.

Kick Drum Focus

The kick drum is a centerpiece of any drum kit, especially in worship settings where clarity and depth are key. I’ve selected the DC Maple 2, K 22 by 18 for its deep, attacking sound. Tuning is set slightly lower to enhance its depth without losing the definition necessary to cut through the mix.

Overall Sound and Feel

This configuration provides a balanced, modern worship sound that compleates with any live setting. Each component of the EFNote Pro 703 can be finely tuned to match the specific acoustic needs of your church, providing both the drummer and the audio team versatility and control.

Interested in the EFNote Pro 703?

Churchfront is now a dealer for EFNote kits. If you’re considering this kit for your church, or if you have any questions about transitioning from an acoustic set, I’m here to help. Click the link below to schedule a call with me, and I’ll walk you through the best options for your worship environment.

Thanks for tuning in, and make sure to reach out if you need any more detailed advice or want to discuss your specific drumming need

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