My Insane Church AVL Rack Build

Inside Rock Harbor Church’s Advanced AVL System: Innovating with a Compact Rack Build

Welcome back to Churchfront! Today, I’m excited to share a behind-the-scenes look at our latest technological transformation at Rock Harbor Church. We’ve embarked on an ambitious project to overhaul an older building, enhancing it with cutting-edge audio, video, and lighting (AVL) systems. Despite the constraints of a small space, we’ve managed to innovate and optimize every inch.

The Challenge of Space

At Rock Harbor, space is at a premium. Our tech booth is squeezed into a tiny back room without any storage options. This setup required creative thinking and meticulous planning to make the most of every available area.

High-Impact AVL Upgrades

Our front-of-house tech booth is minimalist yet powerful, featuring essential workstations for audio, graphics, lighting control, and video management. Each station is streamlined to ensure ease of use and maximum functionality:

– Audio Workstation: We’ve transitioned from an X32 producer to the more robust Waves LV1 mixing console, enhancing both our front-of-house and live stream mixes.
– Graphics and Lighting Control: Run on a single Mac Mini, this setup includes a Stream Deck for seamless operation of ProPresenter and lighting cues.
– Video Control Station: Equipped with a multi-view monitor from our video switcher and an older MacBook Pro for stream monitoring and control, this station also includes a PTZ optics joystick for camera adjustments.

Innovative Rack Build Solutions

The heart of our technological overhaul lies in the backstage rack build, ingeniously designed to house our extensive AVL equipment. Utilizing a Middle Atlantic rack, we’ve prioritized efficient space use and accessibility:
– Power Distribution and Computer Control: At the top, a power unit with built-in lighting ensures visibility, followed by our main control systems housed securely within the rack.
– Advanced KVM Implementation: One of our standout innovations is the use of KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) technology. This allows us to remotely control our servers and computers located in a secure room away from the tech booth, enhancing both security and space efficiency.
– Comprehensive Video and Audio Integration: Below the control units, our video and audio systems are intricately linked through advanced switchers and servers, ensuring high-quality production and recording capabilities.

Streamlining Operations with Cutting-Edge Technology

The entire setup is designed for optimal operation and maintenance, with thoughtful cable management and strategic placement of components for easy access and serviceability. Despite the compact space, our system supports extensive capabilities, from live streaming with advanced encoders to multi-track recording and integrated control of lighting and video.

Looking Ahead

The transformation at Rock Harbor Church is just the beginning. We’re continuously refining our systems and exploring new technologies to enhance our worship services and community engagement. With each upgrade, we aim to set a new standard for what’s possible in church media and technology.

Stay tuned for more in-depth insights into each component of our AVL system and practical tips on how you can implement similar innovations in your own church. Don’t forget to subscribe for updates on our journey and access to exclusive content designed to empower your ministry with technology.

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