The Ultra-Portable and Wireless Live Streaming System for Churches | Mevo Core


Today, I’m excited to demonstrate a groundbreaking portable and wireless multi-camera recording and streaming setup, perfect for churches, content creators, and live event coordinators. This setup uses the latest in camera technology provided by Logitech, including the new Mevo core cameras.

Unboxing the System

The heart of this system is the Mevo Core camera from Logitech. Known for its large micro four-thirds sensor, this camera offers superior image quality, especially in low-light conditions. The depth of field provided by this sensor ensures a professional-looking background blur, enhancing the visual appeal of your videos.

Setup and Configuration

Setting up this system is straightforward and user-friendly. The cameras integrate seamlessly with a digital mixing console via an auxiliary output, simplifying audio synchronization. This setup allows for quick and easy adjustments, making it ideal for those new to video production while still offering the control required by seasoned videographers.

Technical Specifications

  • Camera Quality: Each Mevo core camera comes equipped with a Panasonic 45-175mm lens, capable of wide to tight shots, and supports power zoom and focus adjustments directly from the app.
  • Connectivity and Power: The system operates wirelessly over WiFi, with cameras capable of recording in 4K and streaming in 1080p. Each camera has a battery life of up to six hours but also includes a USB port for continuous power supply.
  • Audio Integration: Audio from the mixing console is directly fed into the cameras, ensuring flawless synchronization without latency.

Demonstrating the System

In my demonstration, adjustments like zoom, focus, and aperture settings were made live, showcasing the flexibility and real-time capabilities of the system. The intuitive app interface allows for easy navigation and control, which I displayed by adjusting the focus and framing live during the recording.

Applications and Benefits

This system is not just about technical prowess but also about versatility. It’s perfect for various settings from church services to small-scale live events. The ease of setup and the portability of the cameras make it an excellent choice for locations with limited technical infrastructure.


The ultraportable wireless multi-camera setup by Logitech, with its advanced features and user-friendly interface, represents a significant advancement in live video production technology. Whether you’re streaming a church service or recording a live event, this system ensures high-quality video with minimal setup.

For more information on the Mevo Core cameras and accessories, visit Logitech’s official website.

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