Purpose-Driven Church Production Teams with Drew Hesler

In the dynamic world of church production, Drew Hesler stands out not just for his technical prowess but for his profound journey into the heart of worship through production. In a revealing conversation with Luke Jackson on the Churchfront Worship and Tech podcast, Drew delves into the essence of his book, “Purpose-Driven Production,” and shares insights that transcend the knobs and faders of the production booth.

Discovering Purpose Behind the Production

Drew’s journey into church production began with a curiosity that bloomed in his childhood, leading him from rearranging home electronics to finding a place behind the church console at just eight years old. His passion wasn’t planned, but it became his life’s work, deeply intertwined with his spiritual journey.

At the core of Drew’s reflections is a pressing question that transcends the technical aspects of production: “Why am I doing this?” This inquiry isn’t about doubting the role of production in worship but about deepening the understanding and intentionality behind every mix, every cue, and every creative decision. It’s about ensuring that the technical excellence serves a higher purposeā€”translating the gospel’s message through every production element.

Beyond Distraction-Free Worship

The concept of distraction-free worship is commonplace in church circles, emphasizing technical proficiency to avoid service disruptions. While Drew acknowledges the importance of this approach, he advocates for a deeper engagement. For him, the real measure of a service isn’t just about flawless execution but the attitude and spiritual posture brought into the production booth. It’s about allowing the Holy Spirit to move through and beyond the technicalities, ensuring that the heart of worship remains central.

Fostering Community in Church Production

One of Drew’s poignant insights revolves around the challenge of building community within the technical teams. Often isolated by the nature of their tasks, production teams might miss out on the communal aspects of church life. Drew emphasizes the necessity of intentionality in creating moments for team building and genuine connections beyond Sunday services. This involves not just working alongside each other but truly knowing and caring for one another, extending beyond the technical roles to foster a sense of belonging and shared purpose.

Shepherding Through Production

Drew’s reflections extend to the shepherding aspect of church production. He asserts that one cannot effectively lead without being led themselves, highlighting the importance of being under pastoral guidance and mentorship. This relationship enables production leaders to shepherd their teams effectively, ensuring that their technical service is deeply rooted in a spiritual mission.

A Call for Intentionality and Reflection

“Purpose-Driven Production” is more than just a manual for church technicians; it’s an invitation to reflect on the deeper implications of their work. Drew’s book, concise yet profound, offers a blend of philosophical musings and practical advice, urging leaders to align their technical skills with their spiritual calling.

In his conversation with Luke Jackson, Drew Hesler not only shares his journey but also extends a challenge to fellow production enthusiasts. It’s a call to view church production not just as a task but as a ministry, where every knob turned and every cue executed is an act of worship, contributing to the greater narrative of faith and community.

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