How to Upgrade Your Church PA | Michael Curtis at Churchfront Conference

As an audio system engineer specializing in church environments, I’ve had the opportunity to address a wide range of sound system challenges. At the recent Churchfront Conference, I shared a concise roadmap designed to guide churches through the process of sound system upgrades. Here’s a summary of the four crucial steps:

1. Clarify Your Church’s Needs and Values

The foundation of any successful sound system upgrade is a clear understanding of your church’s unique needs and values. This involves identifying specific pain points with your current setup and articulating what matters most to your congregation’s worship experience. Whether it’s improving clarity in all seating areas, ensuring system longevity, or enhancing the visceral impact of worship music, pinpointing these elements will steer your upgrade in the right direction.

2. Develop a Strategic Upgrade Plan

With your church’s needs and values in hand, the next step is to craft a strategic plan that addresses your identified pain points while aligning with your values. This plan should consider all aspects of your audio ecosystem, from speaker selection and placement to the integration of instruments and vocal systems. A well-thought-out plan ensures that every component of your sound system contributes effectively to the overall worship experience.

3. Engage Church Leadership

A sound system upgrade is a significant investment, both financially and in terms of its impact on worship. Gaining the support of your church leadership is crucial. Present your plan clearly, highlighting how the proposed upgrades align with the church’s mission and values, and demonstrate the potential benefits for the congregation. Remember, leaders are more inclined to support investments that are thoughtfully planned and clearly articulated.

4. Choose the Right Design and Implementation Team

Finally, the success of your sound system upgrade hinges on the expertise and alignment of your design and implementation team. Choose a team that not only has the technical skills but also understands and respects your church’s vision for worship. Ask potential teams about their design philosophy, recent projects, and support offerings. Ensuring they’re on board with your church’s values and goals will lead to a more successful partnership and outcome.


Upgrading your church’s sound system is a journey that requires careful consideration, planning, and collaboration. By clarifying your needs, developing a strategic plan, engaging your leadership, and choosing the right team, you can create a sound environment that enhances worship and reflects the unique spirit of your congregation.

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