Traditional Worship Tech Makeover (Churchfront Accelerator Case Study)

Hey it’s Adam Beranek, coach and project lead at Churchfront. I had the pleasure of visiting First Presbyterian Church on Hilton Head Island, where I worked closely with Jane, the church’s dedicated tech leader. This project was unique in its focus on video production enhancements across two distinct worship spaces within the same facility: a traditional sanctuary and a contemporary fellowship hall.

Upgrading to High-Definition Broadcasts

Jane’s primary objective was to elevate the church’s broadcast capabilities. In the sanctuary, we transitioned from a Blackmagic Design Studio Production 4K to an advanced ATEM 2 M/E Constellation HD for a more versatile video switching experience. This upgrade was mirrored in the fellowship hall, where the relocated Production 4K found a new home, ensuring consistency in video production quality across both venues.

Enhancing Visuals with Lower Thirds and ProPresenter

A significant addition to both spaces was the installation of DeckLink Duo cards, enabling the integration of lower thirds and other graphic overlays into their live broadcasts. This move, along with the transition from EasyWorship to ProPresenter, marked a significant leap forward in visual presentation and worship engagement.

Streamlining Audio with Beringer Consoles

Audio enhancements were also part of the makeover, with an M32 Behringer console installed in the sanctuary and an X32 in the fellowship hall. These changes not only improved audio quality but also standardized the audio systems for easier cross-training of volunteers.

Empowering Volunteers through Training and Preparation

A crucial aspect of this project’s success was Jane’s foresight in organizing training sessions for the volunteers. These sessions ensured that everyone involved felt comfortable and confident with the new equipment before the Sunday services, highlighting the importance of human readiness alongside technological upgrades.

The Power of Preparation and Remote Support

Preparation played a pivotal role in the project’s efficiency. Jane and I spent considerable time on coaching calls, discussing goals, and planning the equipment layout meticulously. This groundwork allowed us to focus on programming and troubleshooting during my visit, ensuring a smooth transition to the new systems.

Innovative Tools for Efficient Operation

Among the tools that proved invaluable were Jump Desktop for remote computer access and Stream Deck for easy macro triggering on the ATEM video switchers. These tools facilitated quick adjustments and seamless operation across both worship spaces, even from a distance.

Looking Forward: Continuous Improvement

While the project made significant strides in video production, there remains a path for ongoing enhancements. Future plans include updating power sources in the fellowship hall and repurposing existing equipment for additional spaces within the church, further extending the reach and impact of their worship broadcasts.

Join the Churchfront Accelerator Journey

If you’re inspired by the transformation at First Presbyterian Church, Hilton Head Island, and wish to explore similar upgrades for your worship space, I invite you to apply for a free strategy session with the Churchfront team. Together, we can assess your needs, outline potential improvements, and plan a roadmap to elevate your worship technology to new heights.

Your church’s story of tech transformation awaits. Let’s embark on this journey together and unlock the full potential of your worship experiences.

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