10 Tips for Managing Acoustic Drum Volume in Churches

In the video above, Jake Gosselin and JJ Stewart, from Orchard Bible Church in Colorado, provide valuable insights and tips on optimizing an acoustic drum set for a worship ministry. They address challenges related to stage volume, controlling sound, and coaching drummers for worship. Here’s a condensed summary of their key points:

  1. Room Size and Sound Control: Consider the size of your worship space. Smaller rooms require careful attention to sound control to prevent excessive volume. Use decibel meters to determine appropriate sound levels and adjust accordingly.

  2. Purpose of Drumming: Drummers should prioritize leading worship over showcasing their skills. It’s essential to focus on creating an atmosphere of worship rather than drawing attention to oneself.

  3. Transitioning from Electronic to Acoustic: If transitioning from electronic drums to acoustic drums, start gently and gradually build up. Use hot rods instead of regular sticks to maintain control over sound and volume.

  4. Cymbal Selection: Choose thinner cymbals for better control and less need for heavy hitting. Experiment with different cymbal types to find what works best for your worship setting.

  5. Drumstick Selection: Consider using smaller drumsticks (7A or smaller) or hot rods to encourage quieter drumming. This helps maintain a balance with other instruments.

  6. Acoustic Treatment: Invest in acoustic treatment for the room to control reflections and prevent excessive noise. Absorption panels and diffusers can be used to enhance the overall sound quality.

  7. Microphone Techniques: Employ noise gates and compression on the kick and snare drums to maintain clarity and control. Proper microphone placement and settings are crucial for achieving the desired sound.

  8. Overhead Microphones: Use a single overhead microphone to capture the entire drum kit. Apply EQ to balance the sound and consider adding reverb for a more natural feel.

  9. Drum Bus: Utilize a drum bus to control the overall drum mix. This allows for easy adjustments of the entire drum sound, providing greater flexibility during worship services.

  10. Training and Resources: Explore resources like the Churchfront.com and the Churchfront Toolkit for additional guidance and training on optimizing your worship ministry.

By following these tips, your church can effectively integrate an acoustic drum set into worship while maintaining control over stage volume and creating an atmosphere conducive to worship.

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