Analog to Digital Audio Transformation (Churchfront Accelerator Case Study)

Adam here. As a coach and project lead at, I’ve had the privilege of guiding many churches through transformative upgrades in their worship technology. A recent project at Plum Creek Christian Church in Butler, Kentucky, stands out as a testament to the power of strategic planning and expert guidance in revitalizing worship environments.

A Comprehensive Upgrade with SQ-7

At Plum Creek, we replaced a cumbersome Soundcraft console with the compact and powerful SQ-7, streamlining the audio system and incorporating Waves plugins for enhanced sound quality. This transition not only modernized the church’s sound capabilities but also significantly reduced the physical footprint of the audio setup, freeing up valuable space.

Innovative Use of Technology for Soundchecks and Mixing

One of the project’s highlights was the introduction of a virtual soundcheck system, allowing for precise audio mixing and adjustments outside of live service times. This feature, coupled with the SQ-7’s integration with Waves Super Rack Performer, brought pitch correction and advanced processing to the forefront, elevating the worship experience to new heights.

Transitioning to In-Ear Monitoring

The introduction of an in-ear monitoring system marked a significant shift in how the church’s musicians experienced worship. By providing each musician with a personalized mix through the ME-1 personal mixers, we fostered a more immersive and controlled audio environment, enhancing both performance and worship immersion.

Streamlining Stage and Broadcast Operations

A notable technical achievement was the reconfiguration of the church’s stage pockets and the integration of a Dante audio network, allowing for seamless audio routing and control. Additionally, we implemented a BoxCaster for high-quality 1080p live streaming, ensuring that Plum Creek’s online presence matched the excellence of its in-person services.

The Power of Partnership and Continuous Learning

This project was a collaborative effort between Plum Creek’s dedicated team, led by David, and Churchfront’s expertise. David’s commitment to learning and adapting to new technologies, combined with our ongoing support and training, exemplified the ideal partnership for church tech upgrades.

Your Church’s Next Step

Plum Creek Christian Church’s story is a shining example of how strategic planning, expert guidance, and a willingness to embrace new technologies can transform a worship space. If you’re considering similar upgrades for your church, I invite you to apply for a free strategy session with the Churchfront team. Together, we can explore how to bring your vision to life and create a worship environment that resonates with your community.

Remember, every church’s journey is unique, but with the right support and resources, the possibilities are endless. Let’s embark on this transformative journey together. Click the link below to get started.

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