The ALMOST Perfect Drum Kit for Worship Bands | DWe Review Introducing the DWE Electric Drum Kit The DWE electric drum kit stands out as a potential game-changer for churches seeking the perfect balance between electronic convenience and acoustic authenticity. As a worship leader and production leader, I’ve delved into the nuances of this kit to provide insights for others in similar roles, focusing on […]

Electronic Drum Upgrades for Churches (Field Cymbals and the Pearl Mimic Pro) Hey there, welcome back to the channel. Today, I want to take you on a journey we recently embarked on at South Fellowship Church. It’s all about upgrading our electric drum kit. I’m Jake, a member of the church’s tech team, and I’m thrilled to share our experience with you. Let’s start by addressing […]

10 Tips for Managing Acoustic Drum Volume in Churches

In the video above, Jake Gosselin and JJ Stewart, from Orchard Bible Church in Colorado, provide valuable insights and tips on optimizing an acoustic drum set for a worship ministry. They address challenges related to stage volume, controlling sound, and coaching drummers for worship. Here’s a condensed summary of their key points: Room Size and […]