The ALMOST Perfect Drum Kit for Worship Bands | DWe Review

Introducing the DWE Electric Drum Kit

The DWE electric drum kit stands out as a potential game-changer for churches seeking the perfect balance between electronic convenience and acoustic authenticity. As a worship leader and production leader, I’ve delved into the nuances of this kit to provide insights for others in similar roles, focusing on its suitability for worship bands.

The Look: Seamlessly Acoustic

One of the most striking features of the DWE kit is its realistic appearance. The combination of real drum shells and mesh heads, developed in collaboration with Roland, gives it an authentic look that can easily be mistaken for a traditional acoustic set. This illusion is further enhanced by the absence of visible cables, offering a clean and uncluttered stage presence.

Wireless Innovation

The core appeal of the DWE kit lies in its wireless technology. Each drum shell is equipped with a trigger mechanism that wirelessly sends MIDI data to a computer running the DWE Sound Works software, eliminating the need for cumbersome cables. This innovative approach demands a computer setup close to the drum set, which could introduce complexity for teams relying heavily on volunteers.

Sound Quality and Flexibility

Sound is paramount, and the DWE kit impresses with its high-quality samples and extensive customization options available in the Sound Works software. The ability to individually mix and route the outputs of each drum and cymbal allows for precise sound tailoring, accommodating the diverse needs of different worship services.

The Major Drawback: Cymbal Volume

Despite its many advantages, the DWE kit’s significant drawback is the volume of its cymbals. Their appearance is deceptive; while they look fantastic, their loudness contradicts the low-stage-volume goal prevalent in many worship settings. This issue could be particularly problematic in environments where controlling ambient noise is essential.

Final Thoughts and Recommendations

The DWE electric drum kit comes tantalizingly close to being the ideal choice for worship contexts, with its blend of visual appeal, sound excellence, and innovative features. However, the issue with cymbal volume may deter some. To address this, I suggest that DWE consider offering an alternative in the form of quieter, rubber cymbals, better suited to the worship environment.

For worship leaders and production teams considering this kit, it’s crucial to weigh its innovative features against the potential challenge posed by the cymbal volume. Ultimately, the right drum kit is not just about the equipment but how well it integrates into and enhances the worship experience.

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  1. I think you are spot on with the DWe kit. It seems to me that they market it as a both/and kit. Why not offer quiet cymbals for the ekit and let users use their acoustic cymbals when playing acoustic? I’ve been playing edrums in worship since the first Roland V-Stage kit (circa 2003 or 2004?). I currently play a TD-27 KVX2 kit and love it for stage noise and feel. I’d guess you could play cheaper Lemon cymbals or find compatibility with another manufacturer to add those rubber cymbals to the DWe kit, but you really shouldn’t have to for the price. IMHO.

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