How Worship Leaders Can Think Like a Professional Music Director

At a recent Churchfront Conference, Will Johnson, an accomplished worship leader and music director, shared his insights on leading worship music effectively. His keynote addressed the importance of preparation, understanding one’s team, and the power of simplicity in worship music. Key Takeaways Expecting and Preparing for Jesus’ Presence: Johnson emphasized the necessity of expecting and […]

Electronic Drum Upgrades for Churches (Field Cymbals and the Pearl Mimic Pro) Hey there, welcome back to the channel. Today, I want to take you on a journey we recently embarked on at South Fellowship Church. It’s all about upgrading our electric drum kit. I’m Jake, a member of the church’s tech team, and I’m thrilled to share our experience with you. Let’s start by addressing […]

How to Setup a Click and Tracks for Worship Bands

Worship music plays a vital role in churches. Worship bands have the responsibility of creating an atmosphere that enhances the worship experience for congregants. In pursuit of this, many worship bands have turned to technological tools to refine their performances, with the click track, or metronome, being one of the most significant innovations. In this […]