How to Build the DREAM Worship Team As worship leaders, we often face the challenge of not only filling the schedule but also ensuring our team members are committed and happy. I’m Bryan Boliver, the worship leader at Rock Harbor Church, and I’ve led both large and small tech and worship teams. Today, I want to share crucial insights that have […]

Worship Drummer MISTAKES to Avoid I’ve had my fair share of experiences and lessons learned, particularly when it comes to the art of drumming in a worship context. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned musician, mastering the drums within a worship setting poses unique challenges and opportunities for spiritual and musical growth. Today, I want to share some […]

Embracing Original Worship Music: Why Your Church Should Write Its Own Songs I’m Bryan Boliver, worship leader at Rock Harbor Church with over a decade of experience in worship leadership. I’m passionate about original worship music and believe God is calling congregations to craft their own songs. Today, I’ll explore why we should embrace this creative endeavor within our churches. The Need for Unique Church MusicFirstly, […]

How to Configure the EFNote Pro E-Drum Kit for Worship Optimizing the EFNote Pro 703 for Modern Worship: A Drummer’s Guide Hello, this is Erik Johnson with Churchfront. Today, I’m excited to share how I configure the EFNote Pro 703 drum kit for a modern worship sound. Let’s dive into the details of the kit and how you can get the best sound for […]

EFNote Pro Electric Drums for Worship Bands Review and Demo Exploring the EFNote Pro 703 Electric Drum Kit: A Comprehensive Review for Churches In our continuous quest to find the best tools and equipment for worship ministries, I recently had the chance to delve into the EFNote Pro 703 Electric Drum Kit. This kit has quickly become my top recommendation for churches, especially those […]

Pro Vocal Technique for Worship Leaders with Amber Piers

This content is available on the Churchfront Worship and Tech Podcast. Listen on Spotify or Apple Music. Stepping into the spotlight of worship leadership is a journey marked by growth, humility, and the pursuit of excellence. My recent conversation with Amber Pierce, a seasoned worship ministry veteran with over 30 years of experience, shed […]

GAME-CHANGING Vocal Techniques for Worship Leaders with Chase and Melia Wood

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How to Flow in Worship (Music Director Pro Tips) with Anaji Powell In a recent episode of the Churchfront Worship and Tech podcast, we had the privilege of sitting down with Anaji Powell, an esteemed music director and church musician. Anaji shared his insights and experiences on enhancing worship through strategic musical direction, offering valuable advice for worship leaders and musicians alike. The Role of a […]

How the Worship Music Industry Works | Elias Dummer at Churchfront Conference

This content is available on the Churchfront Worship and Tech Podcast. Listen on Spotify or Apple Music. As someone who’s navigated the diverse waters of the worship music industry for years, I’ve had the unique opportunity to witness its inner workings firsthand. From my early days as a worship leader in Canada to co-founding […]

How Worship Leaders Can Think Like a Professional Music Director

At a recent Churchfront Conference, Will Johnson, an accomplished worship leader and music director, shared his insights on leading worship music effectively. His keynote addressed the importance of preparation, understanding one’s team, and the power of simplicity in worship music. Key Takeaways Expecting and Preparing for Jesus’ Presence: Johnson emphasized the necessity of expecting and […]