The Beginner’s Guide to Live Streaming for Churches Online Course


An online course helping you build a cost-effective, simple, and excellent online worship experience for your congregation. It’s an in-depth guide to a “budget-friendly” and software-based approach for live streaming using 2-4 cameras, an ATEM Mini, and ProPresenter.

Lessons in this Online Course

  1. Foundations
  2. Live Streaming and Copyright Law
  3. Gear Overview
  4. Videography and Camera Setup
  5. Videography 101
  6. Camera Setup, Exposure, and Framing
  7. Broadcast Audio
  8. Broadcast Audio Fundamentals
  9. Gain Staging and Channel Processing
  10. Live Stream Mixing
  11. ProPresenter: Audio Routing
  12. Syncing Audio and Video
  13. Video Switching & ProPresenter Configuration
  14. ATEM Mini Setup
  15. Initial ProPresenter Configuration
  16. ProPresenter Live Stream Configuration
  17. ProPresenter Live Stream Audio
  18. Test Local Recording
  19. Encoding and Multistreaming
  20. Foundations of Encoding and Multi-Streaming
  21. Streaming to YouTube with RTMP
  22. Streaming to Facebook with RTMP
  23. Multi-Streaming with Resi
  24. Church Online Platform
  25. Online Pastoral Engagement and Moderation
  26. Post-Production Strategies
  27. Post-Production Strategies
  28. Editing Video Streams with DaVinci Resolve
  29. Using Canva to Create Video Thumbnails
  30. Simulated Live Stream Workflow Overview
  31. Simulated Live Streaming (Free Solutions)
  32. Simulated Live Streaming through Restream
  33. Simulated Live Streaming through Resi
  34. Course Conclusion