Churchfront Conference On-Demand


Churchfront Conference is a two-day event for worship and production teams. It happens every year and we capture 30-45 minute keynote talks from experts in worship tech, music, leadership, and theology. We capture all of the conference keynotes and package them into our convenient online course platform at

These keynotes are practical education for all worship and production teams, regardless of experience.

When you enroll, you get lifetime team access to the lessons below and any new lessons added in the future.

Team access includes up to 10 unique logins.

14-day money back guarantee.

Lessons in this online course:

Rory Noland – A Biblical Theology of Worship

Elias Dummer – How the Worship Music Industrial Complex Works

Will Johnson – How to Think Like a Pro Music Director

Jessi Robertson – The Intersection of Creative and Worship Ministry

Jeff Gayle and David Norris – Liturgical Theology for Modern Worship

Kade Young – Live Streaming Audio Made Simple

Kent Morris – The Unknown Science Behind Worship Tech

David Pfaltzgraph – Fixing Communication Breakdown on Worship Teams

Ryland Russell – The Dangers of DIY Leadership

Adaeze Brinkman – Building Team Culture

Aaron Bjorklund – Theology of Corporate Singing

Michael Curtis – Audio System Design Basics for Worship

Adaeze Brinkman – Spiritual Formation for Worship Ministry: Leading a Team that Loves Jesus

James Attaway – Take Church Sound Volunteers from Amateur to Pro

Jesse Maitland – Video Production at Bethel Church

Julia McCall – Equipping Your Worship Band to Show Up Prepared

Pro Church Lights – 10 Lighting Tips to Improve Your Church Livestream

Tim Foot – What You Can Do To Make Your Team Remarkable

Travis Doucette – Ditch the Green Room for the Lobby

Zac Hicks – Gospel-Centered Worship: How to Put Jesus First in Music and Production

Jake Gosselin and Adam Beranek – Worship Ministry Essentialism