Waves LV1 for Churches (In-Depth Case Study)

https://youtu.be/6BhdsH7SkNY As a worship tech enthusiast and founder of Churchfront, I’ve had the privilege of experiencing various audio systems designed to enhance worship environments. However, my recent reacquaintance with the Waves LV1 system has rekindled my appreciation for its capabilities, especially in a church setting like Rock Harbor Church, where we implemented it just over […]

Worship Tech Booth Treatment and Video System Overhaul | Churchfront Accelerator Case Study

https://youtu.be/PEa2uSIyn0g Transforming Worship Spaces: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Heatherwood Baptist Church At Heatherwood Baptist Church in Newnan, Georgia, we recently embarked on a transformative journey to enhance our worship space, focusing on acoustics, organization, and tech integration. The project aimed to address sound clarity issues, streamline the tech booth, and upgrade our audiovisual capabilities to […]

Mobile Church Worship Tech (Church Plant Setup)

https://youtu.be/gi6ZaKRo2Mw A Volunteer’s Journey in Tech and Worship As the volunteer worship leader at Redemption Church in Wesley Chapel, Florida, I’ve found myself at the intersection of passion and innovation. Having moved from Kansas to Tampa, my journey wasn’t just geographical but also a leap into the heart of worship and technology. By day, I […]

Small Church Tech Setup | Churchfront Accelerator Case Study

https://youtu.be/wRilKdFxUpQ As part of Churchfront’s Accelerator program, we recently had the privilege of visiting Yakult Community Church in Yakult, Washington. Over three days, we dove deep into assessing and enhancing their tech setup, focusing on simplifying operations for volunteers and optimizing the worship experience. Here’s a breakdown of the improvements and insights gained from this […]

Waves Stream for Church Mixing, KVM, and PTZ Camera Review | The Churchfront Show

https://youtu.be/Gdp9Q10W8k4 Exploring the Latest in Worship Tech with Churchfront Hello, I’m Jake Gosselin from Churchfront, and in this episode of the Churchfront Show, we delved into some fascinating advancements in worship technology. Our discussions ranged from innovative streaming solutions to groundbreaking hardware that could shape the future of worship experiences. Let’s dive into the highlights. […]

The Ultimate Video and Audio Over IP Setup for Churches | Worship Tech Tour at Experience Church

https://youtu.be/sD8KHD8ITTg Hey everyone, Dariel Cummins here, coming to you from the heart of Puyallup, Washington, where I have the privilege of serving as the Production Director at Experience Church. I’m thrilled to take you behind the scenes of our church’s cutting-edge production setup, sharing insights into the innovative solutions we’ve implemented to enhance our worship […]

Allen & Heath Avantis and Wave SuperRack System for Churches (Churchfront Accelerator Case Study)

https://youtu.be/TXrngYz_xUo Greetings from Graham, Washington! I’m Jake Gosselin from Churchfront, and I recently had the privilege of working on an exciting project at High Pointe Church alongside my colleague, Luke. Our mission was to overhaul their audio and video systems, incorporating cutting-edge technology like the Allen & Heath Avantis console and Waves Super Rack. In […]

How to Upgrade Your Church PA | Michael Curtis at Churchfront Conference

https://youtu.be/56GIPgN7Zdo?si=oXcpPn1wihF87UqD As an audio system engineer specializing in church environments, I’ve had the opportunity to address a wide range of sound system challenges. At the recent Churchfront Conference, I shared a concise roadmap designed to guide churches through the process of sound system upgrades. Here’s a summary of the four crucial steps: 1. Clarify Your […]

Traditional Worship Tech Makeover (Churchfront Accelerator Case Study)

https://youtu.be/QnHCNsH56Fs?si=iDuNt3NgjsNQdgi9 Hey it’s Adam Beranek, coach and project lead at Churchfront. I had the pleasure of visiting First Presbyterian Church on Hilton Head Island, where I worked closely with Jane, the church’s dedicated tech leader. This project was unique in its focus on video production enhancements across two distinct worship spaces within the same facility: […]

Elevating Worship Audio with Waves LV1: A Churchfront Case Study at New Creation Church

Transform your church’s audio experience with the cutting-edge Waves LV1 digital mixer. Dive into our detailed case study at New Creation Church, where Churchfront’s Luke Jackson showcases the meticulous planning, installation, and benefits of upgrading to a modern, flexible audio system. Discover how the LV1 enhances worship services and empowers volunteers, making high-quality sound attainable for congregations of any size. Join us in elevating worship through technology with Churchfront’s Accelerator Program.