How to Upgrade Your Church PA | Michael Curtis at Churchfront Conference As an audio system engineer specializing in church environments, I’ve had the opportunity to address a wide range of sound system challenges. At the recent Churchfront Conference, I shared a concise roadmap designed to guide churches through the process of sound system upgrades. Here’s a summary of the four crucial steps: 1. Clarify Your […]

Elevating Worship Audio with Waves LV1: A Churchfront Case Study at New Creation Church

Transform your church’s audio experience with the cutting-edge Waves LV1 digital mixer. Dive into our detailed case study at New Creation Church, where Churchfront’s Luke Jackson showcases the meticulous planning, installation, and benefits of upgrading to a modern, flexible audio system. Discover how the LV1 enhances worship services and empowers volunteers, making high-quality sound attainable for congregations of any size. Join us in elevating worship through technology with Churchfront’s Accelerator Program.

How I Mix for Worship with the Tascam Sonicview 24XP (In-Depth Review)

Learn More about the Tascam Sonicview Consoles Greetings fellow worship leaders and tech enthusiasts! Today, I’m excited to dive into the world of mixing for worship using the Tascam Sonicview 24 mixing console and multi-track recorder. This incredible piece of audio equipment is packed with features that make it an ideal choice for creating an […]

The Little-Known Science Behind Worship Tech | Kent Morris at Churchfront Conference

This content is available on the Churchfront Worship and Tech Podcast. Listen on Spotify or Apple Music. Kent Morris, the Live Sound Marketing Manager at Sweetwater and audio engineer at First Baptist Church Atlanta, recently delivered a compelling keynote at the Churchfront Conference. His talk emphasized the critical role of technology in effectively communicating […]

How to Set Up Waves SuperRack Performer with the Behringer X32 Today, I’ll guide you through setting up the Waves Super Rack Performer app, enabling you to leverage Waves Plugins in live settings. This method is applicable to various mixing consoles, like the X32, and does not require extra server hardware. Use Cases and Setup We’ll explore two practical scenarios. First, the implementation of Waves […]

How to Mix Worship Remotely (PreSonus Metro) In an era where digital technology continually reshapes our capabilities, the realm of sound engineering is not left behind. Today, I want to share with you an astonishing experience that redefines the boundaries of remote sound mixing and control. The Wonder of Remote Control with PreSonus Imagine controlling a sound console from hundreds of […]

Control an X32 with a Touch Screen (Churchfront Accelerator Case Study)

Hey there, this is Adam, and I’m excited to be back at Parkwood Baptist Church in Virginia. Over the past few days, we’ve been hard at work revamping the Fellowship Hall, a multifunctional space that hosts various ministries, Sunday services, worship events, and more. Join me as I take you on a journey through our […]