X32 to WING Upgrade

Hey it’s Adam Beranek, today I want to share a recent experience we had at Heatherwood Baptist Church in Newnan, Georgia, where we upgraded their audio console to better suit their growing needs. This upgrade was not just about adding new technology; it was about enhancing the worship experience through improved sound management and flexibility.

Why Upgrade to the Behringer Wing?

Heatherwood Baptist Church has seen significant growth in both its congregation and production demands. Previously, the church used a Behringer X32 mixer, which was beginning to fall short in terms of channel count and buses to meet their expanding needs. To address this, we decided to upgrade to the Behringer Wing console. This decision was driven by the church’s requirement for more channels, especially as they planned to expand their music ensemble and incorporate more complex audio tracks.

Seamless Transition with Existing Infrastructure

One of the main advantages of upgrading to the Wing was the compatibility with existing infrastructure. The church already had Behringer’s P16 personal monitoring systems and S16 digital snakes installed, which are fully compatible with the Wing. This meant we could simply swap out the X32 for the Wing without needing to overhaul the entire audio setup—a cost-effective and efficient solution.

Expanding Capabilities

Enhanced Drum and Track Management

With the Wing console, we can now manage more audio channels, which is crucial as the church plans to replace their current drum kit with a more advanced electronic set that requires more channels. Additionally, the transition to the Wing allows for better handling of stereo tracks, which are routed via Dante from a laptop on stage. This setup enables more refined separation and control over the tracks, contributing to a richer audio experience during services.

Advanced Bus Processing

Another significant improvement is the expanded bus processing capabilities. The Wing console provides more flexibility in managing different audio elements. For instance, we can now have dedicated buses for drums, instrument groups, and vocals, which allows for more nuanced control and mixing, tailored to live and broadcast needs.

Streamlined Virtual Soundcheck

A crucial feature we implemented with the Wing is the virtual soundcheck capability. This allows us to record all channels through a Dante network, which can be played back for mixing practice or adjustments. The Wing’s integrated Dante and USB cards make it simple to switch between live input and recorded tracks, significantly simplifying the sound engineer’s workflow.

Pre-Mixing at Home

One of the unique aspects of this installation was the ability to prepare and pre-mix the audio settings at home. I transferred the X32’s settings into the Wing and used a home studio setup to fine-tune the audio. This was possible because of the recent acoustic treatments in the church auditorium and the use of electronic instruments on stage, which minimized background noise and allowed for accurate sound mixing using just my studio monitors.

Final Thoughts

The upgrade to the Behringer Wing at Heatherwood Baptist Church has significantly enhanced the audio control and quality of their worship services. This new setup not only meets the church’s current needs but also provides the flexibility to accommodate future growth. We’re excited to see how this advanced audio setup will support Heatherwood Baptist Church in their mission to provide engaging and spiritually enriching worship experiences.

If you’re interested in similar upgrades or want to hear the difference this has made, check out their live stream linked in the description below. For more insights and assistance with your church’s audio needs, feel free to reach out through our website. Thank you for following our journey in helping churches enhance their worship through technology!

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