The Future of Worship Visuals with Ezra Cohen (Sunday Screens)

As a worship leader passionate about enhancing the worship experience through technology, I’ve noticed a trend in churches embracing LED walls. These incredible tools, like the Altitude LED wall we use at South Fellowship Church, offer vast potential for enhancing worship services. However, the challenge often lies not in the hardware but in the creative strategy and artistry involved in utilizing such technology effectively.

I recently had a conversation with Ezra Cohen, founder of Sunday Screens and a seasoned expert in creating visually stunning worship experiences. Ezra has worked with notable artists like Kari Jobe and Chris Tomlin, and he brings a wealth of knowledge in effectively integrating visual art into worship settings.

The Challenge with LED Walls in Churches

The main issue I see is that sometimes the technology outpaces the creative strategy. Churches invest in these high-tech LED walls but struggle to use them in a way that complements rather than distracts from worship. It’s crucial to balance the use of technology with tasteful and worshipful visuals.

Future of Worship Visuals

Discussing the future of worship visuals, Ezra pointed out the common pitfall of letting the excitement of new technology lead to overuse and visual chaos. He emphasized the importance of finding a middle ground where technology enhances rather than overwhelms the worship experience. This approach can be likened to the careful and purposeful artistry seen in historical church art like stained glass or the Sistine Chapel.

Practical Application of LED Walls

During our discussion, we explored practical ways to utilize LED walls effectively. For instance, using software like Resolume alongside ProPresenter can revolutionize how we integrate visuals into worship. These tools allow for dynamic, tasteful presentations that enhance rather than distract from the worship experience.

Ezra demonstrated how different visual elements could be layered and adjusted to suit various parts of a service, emphasizing the importance of negative space and the unique capabilities of LED walls compared to traditional projectors.

Content Creation for Worship

Creating content for LED walls requires a different approach. It’s not just about selecting random motion backgrounds but about crafting visuals that contribute to the worship atmosphere. Sunday Screens, Ezra’s initiative, provides resources designed specifically for use in worship contexts, ensuring that visuals are both aesthetically pleasing and spiritually meaningful.


The conversation with Ezra was enlightening, underscoring the importance of using technology like LED walls thoughtfully and artistically in worship settings. As we continue to explore and integrate these tools, our goal should always be to enhance the worship experience, helping congregants connect more deeply with God through visually supported prayer and praise.

For worship leaders and tech teams interested in learning more about using LED walls and creating compelling visuals, I recommend checking out resources from Sunday Screens and exploring software solutions like Resolume. The potential to transform our worship spaces with thoughtful, engaging visuals is immense, and by sharing these insights, I hope to inspire other leaders to explore the creative possibilities these technologies offer.

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