Time to Upgrade Your Church Livestream to 4k? | The Churchfront Show

In this episode, we’re diving into some thrilling developments in worship and production technology that are sure to excite any church tech enthusiast.

Blackmagic’s New Video Switchers

First up, let’s talk about Blackmagic’s new video switchers. We’re particularly excited about these because of their robust features that are ideal for church environments. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your church’s video production setup or you’re setting up a new system from scratch, these switchers offer flexibility and performance that can handle the demands of live church production.

Prime App Enhancements by Loop Community

Next, we have some exciting news from Loop Community regarding their Prime app. They’ve introduced some cool new features that integrate seamlessly with their existing services. This upgrade is particularly useful for worship leaders and tech teams looking to streamline their music setup. The integration of charts and tracks within the app helps in managing worship sets more efficiently, ensuring a smooth and engaging service.

Job Opportunities at Churchfront

We’re expanding! Churchfront is looking for a full-time Production Director. This role is crucial as we grow our services and outreach. If you’re passionate about church media, enthusiastic about managing productions, and looking for a role where you can make a significant impact, we’d love to hear from you.

Innovative Dante Device

On the tech side of things, we’re also excited about a new Dante device that simplifies the process of analog to Dante conversions. This tool is a game-changer for churches that are upgrading their audio systems to include network-based audio—a trend that’s becoming increasingly popular in modern worship spaces.


These are just a few of the topics we covered in the latest episode of the Churchfront Show. Each of these developments represents significant advancements in the tools available to worship and tech teams, helping to enhance how we experience and engage with church services.

Remember, technology in worship is ever-evolving, and at Churchfront, we’re here to keep you at the cutting edge. For more details on these topics, visit our website at Churchfront.com, where you can learn more about our online courses and consulting services. Stay tuned for more updates, and thank you for joining us as we explore the intersection of tech and worship!

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