How to Enhance Your Worship Band’s In-Ear Mix | Churchfront Accelerator Case Study

Challenges and Initial Assessment

Crane Eater Community Church initially joined our accelerator program with a specific concern: the excessive time spent mixing in-ear monitors during rehearsals. This not only delayed rehearsals but also impacted the overall quality of worship services. Recognizing the need for a streamlined process, we embarked on a journey to enhance their audio system efficiency, particularly focusing on optimizing their Behringer X32 mixing console.

Technical Enhancements and Training

Upon assessing their setup, I remotely accessed their mixing console to optimize their scene files, a task I could conveniently perform from home. This initial step allowed us to refine their input and output routing and apply necessary effects to enhance sound quality directly reaching the musicians’ in-ear monitors.

Furthermore, I introduced the church’s tech team to effective soundcheck strategies, emphasizing the critical role of gain structure. We practiced this with the church band, ensuring each instrument was set up to deliver the best sound quality for both live and recorded sessions. This practice not only prepared the team for regular services but also equipped them with skills to handle different audio scenarios independently.

Virtual Soundcheck: A Game-Changing Approach

One of the most impactful techniques we implemented was the virtual soundcheck method. This approach allowed us to record the loudest part of a service, which the musicians could then use to individually adjust their in-ear mixes without the pressure of a live performance. This method significantly cut down the time previously wasted on manual soundchecks during rehearsals, addressing the church’s primary concern effectively.

Hardware Adjustments and Workflow Improvements

During my on-site visit, we made several hardware adjustments to further streamline their audio process. This included updating their personal mixing stations with clear, new labels that simplified operations for musicians. We also removed outdated equipment like an analog graphic EQ from the signal path, which was not only outdated but impractical due to its location away from the main audio control area.

Additionally, we transitioned the audio for their live stream from an analog 3.5mm jack to a USB audio setup, eliminating unnecessary digital-to-analog conversions and simplifying the connection with a single USB cable from the X32 to their live stream computer.

Software Solutions and Training

Switching from OBS to ProPresenter for both in-house and live stream graphics not only unified their visual media approach but also allowed for smoother transitions and lower thirds in their broadcasts. Utilizing NDI technology, we connected two computers running ProPresenter to synchronize lyrics and graphics seamlessly between in-house displays and live streams.

Community and Continuous Improvement

Post-visit, the church team engaged in proactive learning through video resources and Zoom coaching sessions, which allowed us to maximize the productivity of my in-person visit. We wrapped up with a collaborative lunch, discussing further strategies for continuous improvement in their worship services.

Invitation to Other Churches

Our work at Crane Eater Community Church exemplifies Churchfront’s commitment to enhancing worship through technology. If your church faces similar challenges or seeks to improve its worship experience, I encourage you to apply for our Accelerator Program at We’re here to assist with on-site visits and remote consultations, helping you achieve your ministry goals.

This case study is just one example of how targeted technical enhancements and training can significantly impact worship quality. I look forward to assisting more churches in harnessing technology to foster engaging and spiritually enriching worship environments.

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  1. Nice Job Adam and Team Crane Eater! As always, the approach you take is methodical, meaningful, and understandable. As we’re also in the accelerator program, it is our hope to accomplish many of the same items in our church. Looking forward to our next steps with ChurchFront!

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