Elevating Worship Audio with Waves LV1: A Churchfront Case Study at New Creation Church

At Churchfront, we’re passionate about leveraging the latest audio technology to enhance worship experiences. Our recent collaboration with New Creation Church in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, exemplifies this mission, where we transitioned their audio system to the advanced Waves LV1 digital mixer. Luke Jackson, a Churchfront coach, led this transformative project, emphasizing meticulous planning and execution to achieve optimal audio quality.

Recognizing the Need for Change

The journey began with New Creation Church’s transition from a dependable yet aging Yamaha M7CL console, which had served well but was nearing the end of its lifecycle. The emerging challenges with the old system highlighted the need for an upgrade, prompting the church to seek a more reliable and modern solution.

The Churchfront Solution: Waves LV1 Digital Mixer

Our solution was centered around the Waves LV1 digital mixer, renowned for its flexibility, quality, and user-friendly interface. The implementation process involved a comprehensive analysis of the church’s needs, leading to a custom-designed audio setup that integrated seamlessly with their existing infrastructure.

Detailed Breakdown of the Waves LV1 System

  • Waves Host Computer: The core of the LV1 system, configured specifically for audio mixing, ensuring efficient management of the software that controls the mixer’s functionalities.

  • Extreme C Server: This component offloads plugin processing from the host computer, enabling smooth operation and handling of Waves plugins, essential for achieving the desired audio effects and quality.

  • Stage Boxes: We opted for the DS Pro 4000 and DS Pro 1000 stage boxes to provide ample I/O capabilities. The DS Pro 4000 offers 32 inputs and 16 outputs, while the DS Pro 1000 adds 8 inputs and 4 outputs, allowing for flexible stage setup and connectivity.

  • Control Surfaces: To maintain tactile control and enhance the user experience, we incorporated two Waves Fit Controllers. These controllers offer fader banks, customizable keys, and tap tempo, facilitating intuitive live mixing.

  • In-Ear Monitor Integration: The LV1 system’s expansive output capabilities enabled us to efficiently link wireless receivers for in-ear monitors, ensuring clear and personalized monitoring for each performer.

  • Network Connectivity: The entire system is interconnected via a robust network, allowing seamless integration of additional equipment with Waves SoundGrid capabilities, further extending the system’s flexibility and scalability.

The Impact: Enhanced Worship Audio and Volunteer Empowerment

The transition to the Waves LV1 digital mixer has significantly uplifted the worship experience at New Creation Church. The system’s user-friendly nature has simplified operations for volunteers, reducing the learning curve and enhancing overall audio quality. The church now enjoys a more reliable, efficient, and high-quality audio setup, contributing to more immersive worship services.

Join the Movement with Churchfront’s Accelerator Program

For churches contemplating an audio system upgrade, Churchfront’s Accelerator Program offers a pathway to success. We provide personalized support from concept to completion, ensuring your church can harness the full potential of technologies like the Waves LV1 digital mixer. Visit churchfront.com/apply to schedule a consultation and embark on your journey to transform your worship audio experience.

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