Worship Tech Tour – Life Fellowship Church

Introduction: Cody Patterson, the tech director at Life Fellowship Church in Dallas, Texas, begins the tour by explaining the rationale behind their significant investment in studio and production technology. Despite their auditorium seating only 600, their online streams attract over 150,000 viewers weekly, many from unique audiences like inmates and residents of elderly facilities.

Innovative Outreach: A large portion of the church’s online viewership comes from non-traditional churchgoers, notably inmates. Patterson emphasizes the church’s commitment to reaching marginalized groups, underlining their efforts in prisons and elderly facilities. This outreach extends beyond streaming, as the church physically visits inmates to show care and convey their value.

Studio and Live Streaming Setup: The tour showcases their Red Komodo 4K live streaming setup, reflecting the church’s commitment to delivering a high-quality viewing experience. This setup is part of their strategy to elevate their live stream to a cinematic level, enhancing the virtual worship experience for their extensive online audience.

Acoustic Design and Auditorium Features: Patterson highlights the unique acoustic design of their auditorium, with walls and a ceiling optimized for sound quality using wood and composite acoustic panels. The strategic placement of camera spots and a sophisticated audio console (Alan Heath D Live) with integrated Waves sound grid and various monitoring and recording capabilities are also showcased.

Advanced Lighting System: Life Fellowship Church employs an advanced lighting system, including LED walls, moving lights, and specialized fixtures. Patterson explains the technical aspects of running an LED wall, including the adjustments needed for different aspect ratios and the use of software like ProPresenter for controlling the visuals.

Control and Integration Solutions: The church’s use of Sys and Crestron for managing audio and video outputs across the church building is a testament to their advanced technical infrastructure. This integration allows for seamless control and distribution of audio and video content throughout the facility.

Front of House and Broadcasting: The tour includes an in-depth look at the front-of-house area, detailing their audio console, backup systems, and the integration of their drum monitor and talkback systems. The broadcast mix setup is shown, with Pro Tools and an Avid S1 control surface, highlighting the sophisticated approach the church takes to their audio production for live streaming.

Outreach Implications: The church’s technical prowess is not just for show; it plays a crucial role in their outreach initiatives. By delivering high-quality streams and engaging content, Life Fellowship Church extends its reach beyond traditional churchgoers, impacting a broader audience, including those in correctional facilities and nursing homes.

Volunteer Training and Operations: A notable aspect of the church’s technical operations is its volunteer-friendly approach. Even with advanced equipment like the Red Komodo 4K setup, the church emphasizes easy training, allowing volunteers, including teenagers, to operate complex systems with minimal training.

Conclusion: Life Fellowship Church presents a unique blend of high-tech worship and heartfelt outreach. Their investment in cutting-edge technology goes hand-in-hand with their mission to reach diverse audiences. The tour provides insights into how modern churches can leverage technology not just for enhancing worship experiences but also for broadening their community impact.

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