Transforming Your Church’s Audio Experience: Insights from My Visit to New Generations Church in Wasco

I recently had the pleasure of visiting New Generations Church in Wasco, California, where we embarked on an adventure to enhance their audio setup.

A Fresh Approach to Sound Mixing

The heart of New Generations Church’s sound system is the Allen Heath SQ seven console, a familiar and trusted piece of equipment for us at Churchfront. Our mission was not to overhaul their existing setup but to refine it, focusing on creating a more organized and streamlined workflow.

Layer by Layer: A New Layout

The key to our approach was restructuring the console’s layers for optimal use. Layer A now holds all channels, neatly organized with the drums, band instruments, and vocals each in their designated sections, accompanied by DCAs, pastor mics, and USB audio inputs. Layer B is dedicated to effects, while Layer C handles the mixes for in-ear monitors, an essential component for any modern worship team.

The Untouchables and Beyond

Intriguingly, we introduced Layer F, which I like to call “the layer of untouchables.” It’s a unique concept, designed to keep certain controls like click tracks and talkback channels out of the way to avoid accidental adjustments during live mixing. It’s about creating a safe space in the mixing realm where essential but seldom-touched controls reside.

Embracing Technology for Worship

Technology plays a crucial role in how a church delivers its message, and New Generations Church is no exception. Our goal was to streamline their technological setup, transitioning workstations to Mac Minis for enhanced portability and connectivity. This shift also involved overcoming challenges with OS upgrades and ensuring compatibility with essential software like Prop Presenter and Wirecast.

Simplifying Visuals and Streaming

A significant recommendation was to unify the church’s visual and streaming setup. By using a single machine to handle both the LED wall visuals and the streaming through Prop Presenter, the church can significantly reduce the complexity of its AV operations. This approach not only simplifies the workflow but also minimizes the number of volunteers needed, ideally to just an audio engineer and a lyrics operator.

Training and Documentation: Empowering the Team

A vital part of our visit was to equip the church’s team with the knowledge and tools they need to succeed. We installed Notion and created a comprehensive guide, including SOPs, fader layouts, and definitions of technical terms. This resource is designed to accelerate the learning curve for new volunteers and ensure consistency in their audio production.

The Power of Waveform and Virtual Soundcheck

We introduced the church to Waveform, a powerful yet user-friendly DAW ideal for churches. Its simplicity and capability for virtual soundchecks make it a perfect match for worship settings where clarity and consistency in sound are paramount.

On-Site Improvements: From Hardware to Acoustics

Our hands-on approach led to several on-site improvements, like relocating wireless in-ear monitor units for better accessibility and signal quality. We also addressed the church’s speaker placement, ensuring optimal audio distribution and clarity throughout the worship space.

Labeling for Efficiency

Organization is key in a tech-heavy environment. With the Brady M211 label maker, we labeled everything from cables to IEM units, making it easier for the team to manage and troubleshoot their setup.

Conclusion: A Journey of Transformation

This visit to New Generations Church was not just about tweaking knobs and rearranging equipment. It was a journey of transformation, empowering the church to deliver a more impactful worship experience through sound and visuals. We at Churchfront are thrilled to have played a part in this exciting chapter for New Generations Church.

If you’re looking to elevate your church’s worship experience with tailored audio and visual solutions, I invite you to schedule a free strategy session with us at Churchfront. Together, we can explore how to make your worship services more engaging and spiritually enriching. Visit for more tips, tricks, and insights into growing your ministry. Don’t forget to like and subscribe for more updates on our on-site adventures!

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