How to Mix Worship Remotely (PreSonus Metro)

In an era where digital technology continually reshapes our capabilities, the realm of sound engineering is not left behind. Today, I want to share with you an astonishing experience that redefines the boundaries of remote sound mixing and control.

The Wonder of Remote Control with PreSonus

Imagine controlling a sound console from hundreds of miles away with minimal latency. That’s exactly what we accomplished with the PreSonus Studio Live 32 SX Digital mixing console. My friend Adam, located in Knoxville, Tennessee, and I, embarked on an experiment that seemed almost surreal – remote mixing with only about a hundred milliseconds of latency. This setup allowed Adam not only to monitor my audio but also to have full control over the mixing console.

The Magic of Universal Control and Talk Back

The setup utilizes Universal Control, where Adam’s microphone at his home desk feeds into the system, travels across the internet, and inputs directly into the talk-back channel of the mixing console. This seamless integration means a musician like me could have a remote sound engineer fully control the mix for any live event, be it in a church setting or a concert.

We demonstrated this by having Adam mix both my vocal mic and guitar. He patched my guitar into the right channel on the console, and I could hear the tweaks he made in real-time, thanks to the talk-back setup.

Practical Applications in Worship Settings

This technology is a game-changer for worship ministries. A front-of-house engineer can focus on the in-room mix, while another engineer, possibly even working from home, can handle the broadcast mix. The non-destructive solo feature allows remote engineers to focus on individual channels without affecting the overall mix.

Troubleshooting and Remote Assistance

An equally important application is in troubleshooting and technical assistance. A tech director, regardless of their physical location, can remotely access the console to resolve any issues. This capability is invaluable for churches or venues where experienced technicians might not always be on-site.

Setting Up the Metro Feature

Setting up this system is surprisingly straightforward. You need a free PreSonus account and the Universal Control desktop app. Once connected, the process is intuitive and user-friendly. We found the stability and clarity of the audio outstanding, even with Adam mixing from 1300 miles away.

Final Thoughts

PreSonus has truly pioneered a trend in the audio mixing industry with this feature. It’s not just about the convenience; it’s about breaking barriers and making high-quality sound engineering accessible regardless of location. As someone passionate about equipping churches with cutting-edge technology, I believe this feature was long overdue.

To all the churches and sound engineers out there, this is a tool worth exploring. It’s not just a technological advancement; it’s a step towards a more connected, efficient, and innovative future in sound engineering.

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