Best Mixing Consoles for Churches

In the world of audio mixing for churches, finding the right mixing console is crucial. It’s been a while since we discussed this topic, so today, we’re diving into the best mixing consoles for small to medium-sized churches with a budget of around $7,000 or less. We’ll also explore some mid-level to premium options for those looking to invest more in their audio setup.

Budget-Friendly Options: Let’s start with the basics. For most small to mid-sized churches, a mixing console with 32 or 48 channels is ideal. This provides enough flexibility for various instruments, microphones, and audio sources. Here are two top contenders in this category:

a. Behringer Wing: If your church already uses Behringer equipment, the Wing is a compatible choice. It offers an innovative mixing user interface, customizable fader hardware, and a variety of built-in effects and plugins. However, some users have reported quality control issues, so it’s essential to consider long-term reliability.

b. Allen & Heath SQ Series: The SQ series is a reliable option known for its solid build quality. It features a more traditional mixing user interface, making it a comfortable choice for those who prefer a classic layout. The ProLevel DSP ensures low latency and robust performance.

Mid-Level to Premium Options:

Waves LV1 System: The Waves LV1 offers a top-notch mixing experience with integrated Waves plugins. While it’s a bit pricier (ranging from $10,000 to $20,000), it’s a scalable and versatile option for those who want the convenience of Waves plugins at their fingertips.

Allen & Heath Avantis: The Avantis is a 64-channel console, making it suitable for churches needing more channels. It offers various I/O options, including Dante and Waves compatibility, providing flexibility for different audio setups. Expect a price range of $15,000 and up.

DiGiCo S Series: DiGiCo’s S series offers premium quality and performance. The S21 is an entry-level model, but it comes at a higher price point (around $11,000). DiGiCo consoles are known for their exceptional audio quality and feature-rich capabilities.

Tascam SonicView Console: A newcomer to the scene, the Tascam Sonic View Console is an intriguing option, priced at around $10,000 for both the console and stage boxes. It boasts a user-friendly interface with faders and touchscreens and includes Dante connectivity.

For churches with larger budgets and specific requirements, there are some excellent mid-level to premium mixing consoles to consider:

When choosing a mixing console for your church, consider factors like your budget, channel requirements, and specific needs. While there are budget-friendly options like the Behringer Wing and Allen & Heath SQ Series, there are also mid-level to premium choices such as the Waves LV1, Allen & Heath Avantis, DiGiCo S Series, and Tascam Sonic View Console. Your decision should align with your church’s audio goals and long-term vision.

Remember that the right mixing console can significantly enhance your worship ministry’s sound quality and overall experience. It’s worth investing the time to research and choose wisely to meet your church’s unique needs.

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