Providing your worship band with the best practice resources is crucial to increasing excellence in your ministry. Here are some common mistakes I see.

  • sending your band CCLI chord charts (these are the worst)
  • sending them links to Youtube videos or Spotify songs in the wrong key
  • not having a central convenient place to host your practice resources

If you have made any of these mistakes, I totally understand. There really isn't much training out there on how to resource your band in an organize and effective manner.

I want to change this. I working on creating the #1 training on how to create worship charts and mp3 files for your band so that they show up to rehearsal more prepared and your ministry increases in excellence.

Does that interest you?

If so, please let me know what are you two biggest questions about creating practice resources for your worship band? Let me know by completing the form below.

Thank you!


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