RF Venue COMBINE8 8 Channel Antenna Combiner for In Ear Monitors



Make sure your In-Ear Monitor system provides dropout and artifact-free performance with the RF Venue Combine8 eight-Channel Antenna Combiner for in-ear monitors. The Combine8 combines up to eight transmitter signals for transmission on a single antenna. The combiner provides DC power for up to eight transmitters and is compatible with any brand IEM transmitting 50mW or less. It also works with any type of directional antenna.


  • (8) BNC connectors
  • AC cable
  • Auxiliary cable
  • Power cable


  • Freedom to place one directional antenna outside the rack for better line-of-sight and improved wireless performance.
  • 1RU Full rack width to install near transmitters. Includes cabling accessories to connect and power up to eight wireless transmitters.
  • Compatible with all manufacturers.