Lead Worship with Ableton Online Course


An online course to help worship ministry leaders implement tracks and automation with Ableton Live.

Lessons in this Online Course

  1. Introduction to Lead Worship with Ableton Live
    1. Why Use Ableton Live in Worship?
    2. Ableton Set Walk-Through
    3. Gear and Software Overview
    4. Ableton Worship Setlist Demonstration
    5. Signal Flow
    6. In-Ear Monitors
  2. Getting Started with the Software
    1. Selecting the Right Version of Ableton Live
    2. Installing Ableton Live
    3. Navigating the User Interface
    4. Info View and the Browser
    5. The Timeline and Tracks
    6. Top Navigation and Clip View
    7. Arrangement View vs. Session View
    8. Key Commands
    9. Building an Individual Song Project
    10. How to Stay Organized
  3. Overview of Building an Individual Song Project
    1. Individual Song Session Basics
    2. Multitrack Resources
    3. Adding Multitracks to an Individual Song Session
    4. Altering Songs
    5. Exporting Rehearsal Tracks
    6. Building a Worship Set List Project
  4. Building Setlist Projects
    1. Session Control: Stop, Loop, and Metronome Cues
    2. Mixing Your Project and Assigning Audio Outputs
    3. MIDI Networking
  5. Introduction to MIDI
    1. MIDI Network Setup: Apple’s IAC Driver & Built-in MIDI Network
    2. MIDI Network Setup: Bome Network
    3. MIDI Network Setup: iConnectivity Devices
    4. Automating Software and Hardware with Ableton Live
    5. ProPresenter Cues Template Overview & MIDI Connection
    6. ProPresenter Automation Workflow for Individual Songs
    7. ProPresenter Automation Workflow for Setlists
    8. Automate Proclaim with Ableton Live
    9. Automate Lighting with Ableton Live
    10. Automate Mainstage with Ableton Live
    11. Advanced Helix Automation
    12. Ableton Control
    13. Using a MIDI Foot Controller (Looptimus)
    14. Ableton Remote Control Template for Your Tech Team
    15. Automating Helix with Ableton Live
    16. Control Ableton with Helix
    17. Control Ableton Tracks Computer Remotely (Screen Sharing)
    18. Control Ableton with Stream Deck