Blackmagic Design Studio Camera 4K Plus




Blackmagic’s Studio Camera 4K Plus delivers the same features as larger studio cameras in a single compact and portable package. The digital film camera dynamic range of the 4K Plus allows you to capture cinema-quality images even in poor lighting conditions, even under moonlight.

Designed to pair perfectly with Blackmagic’s ATEM mini live switcher, the 4K Plus also records Blackmagic RAW to USB disks, so you can use it in any situation where you use a tripod! The integrated 7″ HD display with touch screen, side handles, and physical controls make it easy to track shots while being comfortable to use on long shoots.

Built-in Davinci Resolve color correction lets you produce images with rich, more lifelike color than simple broadcast cameras. 13 stops of dynamic range give the camera darker blacks and brighter whites, exactly what’s needed for optimal color correction. The sensor features a 4096 x 2160 resolution which is ideal for both HD and Ultra HD work. Plus, all models support from 23.98 fps up to 60 fps.

A built-in Shock and wind resistant stereo microphone picks up impressive audio for your video without the need for syncronization. Plus, the Studio Camera 4K Plus can connect to external devices via HDMI and USB Type-C with 3.5mm jacks provided for audio in and out connections. The camera can also take remote control direction over HDMI.