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5 tips for leading worship at a small church

Listen to my interview with Spencer Cormany of @leadingworshipwell.

Leading worship at a small church is tough.

Often my dreams and goals for ministry exceed our church's manpower and budget. I’ve struggled with comparing my ministry to larger worship ministries in the area. Sometimes it feels like my impact is only as high as attendance.

The reality is 85% of churches have less than 200 people in attendance on Sundays. That means there is a high probability that you lead worship at a small church too. You may have wrestled with some of these same challenges.

I recently interviewed Spencer Cormany from Leading Worship Well on the Churchfront Podcast. Spencer’s heart and passion are to equip worship leaders at smaller churches. He shared 5 Tips for Leading Worship at a Small Church.

These tips were a much-needed reminder for me.

  1. Embrace the season.
  2. Embrace the intimacy.
  3. Stop the comparison.
  4. Provide structure for growth.
  5. Put your songs in the right key.

If you lead worship at a small church, you need to listen to my complete interview with Spencer. I know you’ll benefit from the honesty and practical advice in our conversation.

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If you want a daily dose of worship leading tips from Spencer, follow his Instagram account, @leadingworshipwell. Seriously, he has been putting out fantastic content on his feed. He writes insightful micro-blogs in the caption that take only a minute or two to read.