The ultimate video guide to using Ableton Live in Worship

Intro to the video guide

If you are searching for a clear and comprehensive guide on how to get started with using Ableton Live in worship, you have come to the right place. In this free video series, I have compiled everything I know about running a click and backing tracks in worship to using more advanced features in Ableton such as automating production elements like worship lyrics.

If you haven’t already, go to to download your 30-day free trial of Live. You will be able to demo all of the features of the suite version during this time. That ensures you can learn how to use the software before making a financial commitment to purchase it. If your budget allows, I recommend buying the Standard version of Ableton Live, but everything you learn here will apply to the Lite version. The only downside of the Lite version is you will be limited to 16 tracks.

For my complete list of Ableton Live gear recommendations, download my Lead Worship with Ableton Toolkit. Access the toolkit by clicking the link below.


Video 1 - How to get started with a click and backing tracks in worship

In the first video, I will introduce you to the basics of running a click and backing tracks in worship, so you will understand the big picture of how this process works as well as the gear you will need.

Video 2 - How to setup a multitrack session in Ableton Live

In the second video, I will show you how to setup a multitracks session in Ableton Live for an individual song. This video will optimize your workflow and make it easy for you to assemble complete worship set lists in Ableton Live on a weekly basis.

Video 3 - How to create a worship set list in Ableton Live

In the third video, I will show you how to build a complete set list in Ableton Live arrangement view. This video is where we get down into the nitty-gritty, but the details you learn will be invaluable for helping you become an Ableton ninja in no time.

Video 4 - How to automate lyrics with Ableton Live and ProPresenter

In the fourth and final video, I will show you how to automate ProPresenter with Ableton Live. This video will allow you to have correct lyric slides 100% of the time, bringing your quality of worship production to the next level.