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4 Reasons Why I Use Ableton Live in Worship

Because it can do this...

Reasons why I use Ableton Live in Worship

1. Playing with a click and backing tracks makes our band better.

When I began leading worship with Ableton, that was also the first time I began having my band play with a click track. I always thought it would feel "too rigid" or be "too limiting." Yet once you use a click track, you never go back. Our band has never been tighter and our sound has never been fuller. It has also enhanced my worship leading in that I am 100 times more relaxed when we play with a click because I don't have to stress out about my drummer rushing or dragging the tempo if I stop strumming to raise my hands or pray.

2. Lyric cues are perfect.

As long as I have been using Ableton to advance lyrics in ProPresenter, we have had 0% error rate in cuing lyrics, which means there is 0 distraction for the congregation in following along. Nothing is more annoying than late lyrics when you are trying to sing with the band.

3. Utilizing meaningful video footage makes for more compelling worship.

The ability to cue different video clips for different songs and at different times in those songs is fabulous. I'm a videographer so I'm pretty much sold on the effectiveness of video to communicate a message and make an emotional impact on hearts. After attending Hillsong London a few months ago and seeing their use of footage in worship songs and how powerful it was, I knew I had to do the same. Ableton Live gives me the ability to do this and do it well.

4. Smooth and distraction-free service flow.

We rarely have hiccups in the flow of our service due to the automation power of Ableton. If you want less awkward moments in your service, Ableton is the way to go.