OnSong vs. Music Stand | Which app is best for worship bands?

There are a ton of digital chord charts for you to choose from, but the OnSong and Music Stand apps are the two best options for worship leaders. In this article, I'll weigh some of the pros and cons of using each one so that you can make the best decision for your ministry team. 

Music Stand


The Music Stand app is an add-on to your Planning Center Services subscription which makes it really easy to stay in their ecosystem.

I've been using them for a very long time to:

  • Plan out my worship gatherings every single weekend

  • Schedule musicians

  • Resource my musicians with charts as well as MP3 files

  • Build out my song library

Music Stand Features

  1. Sync with Planning Center

    Since this app was developed with Planning Center, it automatically syncs with your Planning Center account. You'll be able to view your weekly set list, plans and click on a song to pull up the chord charts. 

2. Play MP3 files while using your digital chord chart

In Planning Center, you can link the MP3 file of the song to the chord chart and play it while you go through, and it’s a great way for your other musicians to practice the songs at home. 

3. Annotate songs 

There are lots of great annotation features built into this app. 

  • Highlight sections of the song with different colors

  • Jot down notes 

  • Save all your annotations and access them whenever


Planning Center is a subscription-based software and you can select the plans and services that fits your church.

I’ve included some of the pricing breakdowns below:

  • Free: If you only have five members, then this will work for you.

  • Just Music Stand App: $5 a month. 

  • Planning Center + Music Stand: $16

music pricing.jpg

There are a lot of similarities between OnSong and Music Stand, but I think OnSong has an edge over Music Stand because creating a chord chart is its main thing. Not just an add-on feature.


  1. Organize your songs

    You can get to a greater level of organizing your song assets by arranging them into sets and books.

  2. Import set lists

    If you create a grouping of songs on Planning Center, you can sync it with OnSong.

    Select Planning Center > Select what service I want > Import > Update

  3. Reformat your chord chart for easy readability

    This is where I think OnSong starts to shine brighter than Music Stand. You can turn the font size and brightness, bold the chords and change the text color.

  4. Send messages to your band through the app

    It also has a really strong communication feature for talking to the rest of your band members. If you’re on the same wifi network, you can send them commands like “Start” and “Stop.” I think this is a great way to communicate with them in the middle of a service.

5. Add midi functions 

OnSong has some cool features when it comes to being able to use midi communication to change the song that you're seeing in your app. Using Ableton Live, you could put a midi queue at the beginning of each song that then maps to the appropriate song within OnSong. 

  • Musicians would never have to touch their iPad throughout worship 

  • The app would automatically flip to the right song

  • You could even get it to scroll to the right section of a song.  

This is a really powerful feature, and I think it gets a little crazy. Personally, I think that instead of setting up the midi automation, you could just memorize the chords and lyrics to your music. 


At the end of the day, both are great apps..

  • If you’re just looking for a simple cord chart, go with Music Stand (like I do)

  • If you’re interested in an app with more technical capabilities, try out Onstage. 

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