How to make money on the side as a worship leader

Loop Community is a site that sells worship tracks produced by worship leaders. If you’re interested in making money on the side, this is such a great opportunity for you. 

There’s such a market out there for people who need tracks including me. I license music and such for the videos I make on my Youtube Channel. There’s a ton of potential out there for people who are creative and entrepreneurial. 

I joined Matt McCoy to ask him some questions about what sells on Loop Community and how you can make some extra cash with it. I’ve shared a condensed version of my questions and his answers below. 

Jake: How can I start the process to be a producer on Loop Community? 


  1. Go to

  2. Upload by clicking the cloud icon in the top right-hand corner


Hit the button Become A Producer 

3. Fill out the form

4. Submit a sample track

5. Then the Loop Community team reviews it 

If it matches quality standards, they’ll accept you as producer and you can then submit as many tracks as you want. 

Jake: How much can I sell tracks for? 


If you sell MultiTracks to be used in app, they’re sold for $14.99

If you sell them as a .wav, they’re sold for $19.99 
Jake: What’s the revenue share? 

Jake: What’s the revenue share?


Because Loop Community covers all the licensing (meaning every time a song sells, Loop Community has to pay the song writers who own the songs), the producer’s cut is 20%.

If you build a track, don’t just let it sit on your hard drive. Upload it to loop community and sell it. One sale averages $4, but if it sells 10 times in a day, that’s $40. 

Jake: What strategy works best for producers? What actually sells? 


Be strategic about what songs you’re picking. Choose create tracks for songs that will become popular. 

You don’t want to just find the songs that are already popular because odds are everyone has created a track for that. You want to listen to stuff and use your worship leader instinct (I’m serious) to figure out what’s going to be a good song. 

For example, the people who heard Reckless Love and were the first people to upload a track for it on Loop Community made a ton of money. 

You can try this out by going to CCLI and searching the top 100 to see what’s up and coming and what will be popular. There’s a correlation between what’s popular there and what is downloaded and what will be downloaded the most on Loop Community. 


Or you can access Planning Center and see what songs are rising and falling there. You can see an up and coming song, get ahead of the curve and then create a track for that on Loop Community.


Q: Do you need an elaborate, sophisticated studio to produce tracks? 


Nope. Technology makes creating tracks so accessible and you can make them on your laptop with a little midi keyboard in your basement. 

A lot of people feel pressure that they need to make a track that sounds exactly like the original with a full drum kit, bass guitar, background vocals and that’s not the case. Most of the people using Loop Community already have a drummer and everything–they just need the supplemental sounds.

Q: With all the data that Loop Community has, where are the trends heading?  


Currently, people on Loop Community are often looking for something different from the master tracks. 

A very interesting pattern is that 5 or 6 years ago, everyone wanted to sound just like the album. Now people want to just create the tracks that they want to create–they don’t want to sound exactly like Hillsong, but embrace their own sound. 

I’ve recently Any time I try to just mimic someone, it’s not as fulfilling. Being who God made me to be is the most fulfilling thing instead of feeling the pressure to be like Chris Tomlin or whoever. Chris sounds awesome, but that’s Chris’ sound. 

Jake: Any final tips? 


Keep it simple. Get Ableton Live Intro or Logic and just try to build a track. Loop Community has a bunch of tutorials about how to do that. 

Just don’t feel the pressure to make it sound like the original. Make a track for how you play that song. I’m sure there will be another worship leader who enjoys it and thinks it’s cool.


Loop Community isn’t just a great place to make money, but help the worship community, offer more variety and grow your own skills. 

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