What it means to be a worship PASTOR

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Have you ever paused to consider the pastoral responsibility that comes with leading worship? It’s easy to get caught up in administration, building a team of musicians, and geeking out over tech, but ultimately leading worship is a pastoral role. It doesn’t matter what your title says.

I recently interviewed @zachickscom, the author of my favorite worship ministry book, “The Worship Pastor.”

He shared a ton of insight on our pastoral responsibility as worship leaders and he gives practical advice on the following.

How to pastor your congregation through song selection.

How to speak or pray during worship.

The relationship between worship and mission.

How to pastor your congregation emotionally in a worship gathering.

Why production and attention to detail is a good thing!

In my opinion, Zac is our generation’s thought leader on worship theology. Listening to what he shares in my interview and reading his book will make you think deeper about your vocation as a worship leader.—

You can listen to our interview on the Churchfront Podcast or watch the interview on Youtube.