5 reasons why I signed up for Nucleus to build a church website

Nucleus is a new kind of website builder for churches that was launched to the public this week by Brady Shearer and his team at ProChurch Tools. Here are five reasons why I’m switching Mission Lakewood’s website from Squarespace to Nucleus.

#1. Our church website is too important to mess up.

When people in our local community search for a church, they go directly to Google, and their first impression of our church will be when they click through to our website. Sadly, 96% of churches fail the first impression test (stat from an in-depth study done by Brady’s team.) Honestly, I feel like our current website fails the first impression test. This is too important to mess up. I looked at the stats on another church website I built, and it had over 5,000 visitors from Google search last year. That’s a lot of first impressions! We can’t mess it up!

#2. It’s pastor-proof.

No offense to pastors, but they are not trained in online marketing and best practices for web design. Too often I see pastors mess up church websites when they use DIY builders like Squarespace, Wix, or Wordpress. It’s not their fault. Seminary offers zero training on how to build an effective website. Nucleus has a robust template that is impossible to mess up, even if you never built a church website.

#3. Brady’s online marketing genius.

Nucleus comes with the expertise of Brady and his team. Not only do they share a ton of free information on church marketing on their podcast, Youtube channel, and blog, but the success of ProChurch Tools demonstrates they know what they are talking about. It’s pretty cool to have a website builder backed by this sort of genius.

#4. Online giving integration.

Finally, a website builder with online giving natively installed in the website. I can’t stand how most website builders require you to link to another online giving website or embed an external form on the site.

#5. CMS and Email Integration.

I’m a huge fan of Planning Center for all church management software needs. Nucleus includes integration with PCO so the sign up forms you create on the site link directly to it. It also has integration with MailChimp which is great for new visitor follow-up sequences.

There are many more reasons for your church to sign up for Nucleus. Visit their website to learn more and sign up today.