How to play ambient worship pads in ProPresenter

ProPresenter is the most powerful presentation software for churches to display lyrics and video during worship. Did you know you ProPresenter is also great for playing ambient pads in worship? Here’s a step-by-step process to get this up and running at your church.

Step 1 - Download free ambient pads for worship from

Visit, complete the form, and we will send you instant access to our bundle of “Warm Pads” created by my friend, Boomer Bate. Open the email I’ll send you and click the download link where you can access the free pads on Download the pads onto your computer running ProPresenter. Keep them in a safe place where they won’t be moved or deleted after you import them into ProPresenter.

Step 2 - Create a new audio playlist in ProPresenter and import the pad audio files.

ProPresenter has a powerful audio player feature that allows you to easily cue up audio files with the slides of your choosing. Import the Churchfront Pads into the new audio playlist dragging and dropping them into the playlists. Select all the of the tracks, right-click, and enable looping. You’ll never have to worry about running out of pads with the loop feature enabled.

Adjust the crossfader slider at the bottom of the audio window to 2-3 seconds. Doing this will create seamless transitions between songs.

Step 3 - Add audio cues to your title slides in ProPresenter.

The way this works is you will trigger the appropriate pad file by adding an audio cue to the title slide of each song. When your ProPresenter operator selects the slide, it will trigger the pads to play. When they hit the next song, it will seamlessly transition to the proper pad file.

Step 4 - Plug your ProPresenter computer into your sound system.

Make sure your computer is plugged into your sound console. Chances are you already have this setup if you use ProPresenter to play videos during worship. Your sound guy will treat that channel as an additional instrument in your band, sending the signal to both your front of house mix and monitors for the musicians.

That is how you play ambient pads for worship in ProPresenter! Don’t forget to download our free Churchfront Pads by clicking the button below.