4 tips for creating killer worship charts

Sloppy Charts = Sloppy Worship

Have you ever thought about how much time is wasted during worship rehearsal because volunteer musicians are unsure about what they are supposed to be playing?

"How many times are we supposed to repeat the chorus?"

"Where exactly does that chord change fall in relation to the lyrics?"

"Sorry, I lost where we were."

As a worship leader, you may hear these types of questions on a regular basis.

Excellent Charts = Excellent Worship

What if your band could focus more on worship rather than trying to figure out which section of the song comes next. What if they could have the confidence to look away from their music more or even have it memorized because they learned it from a reliable chart?

Enhance your charting with 4 actionable tips

In this mini-course you will learn four tips for improving your chord charts so your band can be well prepared and more confident in worship, which will result in a more effective worship experience for your church.