Churchfront Freebie - 12 Bible Verse Videos for Social Media

It's tough finding high quality, non-cheesy, creative content to share.

I've been the communications director at various churches, and I always felt like I should be more consistent with social media posting, but I felt like I had nothing worth sharing. Now that we are an increasingly image-driven culture, that means it's becoming more demanding to create and share engaging content. Not all of us are photoshop gurus or master filmmakers.

Recently I have been working on creating video bible verses formatted for social media. I've found that the combination of Bible verses and video is a great combination for social media. The videos autoplay in your followers news feeds, and who doesn't love scripture? 

These videos are available for you to share on your church's Facebook page at no cost. Just fill out the form below and the dropbox link to the video files will be emailed to you.