How to Create Amazing Church Graphics Using and

I am not a graphic designer, and maybe you are not either, but that’s no excuse for either of us to be using lame graphic design to promote our next church event or ministry. Thanks to the internet and wonderful resources like and you can combine the genius of other creative professionals in order to create your own killer design content. Let’s say you’re a worship leader and you have a Night of Worship event you are promoting and it needs a graphic. Here’s what I would do.

1. Go to and find a background image.

After searching "worship" on their site, I came across this photo.

This photo is great because it effective communicates “worship”, it’s not cheesy, and it looks profession, especially with all of the bokeh (blurry background) behind the worshippers hands. When selecting a photo I try to envision how I will overlay the text. I think this one will work well.

2. Go to for both inspiration and to find great fonts and illustrations you can use in your graphic.

Generally you do not have to search far for the latest and greatest content since the best stuff makes its way to the top, such as this sweet handwritten font called Northwell.

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3. Next, open up a project in Adobe Photoshop and work your creative magic.

If you want to learn how to get up and running with photoshop in about 5 minutes, check out this video. In Photoshop I combine the font and graphic, at the date and time using the Nevis font, and voila…

That’s how I accomplish pretty much any graphic design project. It does cost money to use content on and, but you get what you pay for. For me I would rather not waste a bunch of time scouring the internet for free or legally questionable content. This graphic cost all about $20 to make. That may seem pricey, but I would argue the cost of having lousy graphics is way more expensive for your church.