Motion Backgrounds vs Footage for Worship

For the past decade, motion graphic backgrounds have been the dominant form of artwork used on worship slides. Now that high-definition and bright projectors are becoming more affordable, I’m seeing an exciting trend in which the small to mid sized local church is able to be more creative in how it uses video in worship by utilizing stock footage. Here is a brief comparison of the pros and cons between motion backgrounds and footage for worship.

Motion Backgrounds


  • There are a lot of them available online.

  • They are easy to use due to the small file size and most of the time they are designed in such a way that you can easily read the text.

  • Easy prep


  • They are becoming stylistically dated.
  • They are not creatively compelling.

Footage for Worship


  • It’s a fresh art form for supporting worship lyrics.

  • It takes the congregation somewhere during a song and can effectively convey the message of the song.


  • Stock footage is still extremely expensive.

  • The file sizes of Footage for Worship videos are larger

  • It requires more creativity and time to utilize footage for worship properly.

What are your thoughts about the current landscape of video in worship?